November 2023 TENTATIVE Calendar (Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Aether / Ascension Summons, Morlovia, Carnival Of The Gods, CoE (Dark), Underwild, Goblin Village, Atlantis, Tower Of Magic, Valhalla, Untold Tales, Dunes, Opera)

wow, great info and great bunch of heroes, tempted to pull some, mere then in BF summon

and when i was willing to buy zynga store offer for 5 pulls theres no offer for conevant,

@PlayForFun any news if will be added covenant offers at store or they forgot it as ut was ladt minute added covenant summon to game

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I can ask Staff about this.


hahaha it seems last time, they added the offers a day too early, and this time, once again, they have forgotten. I am surprised at them forgetting something like this which can make them money, but hey they screw up a lot lately so nothing shocks me anymore

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Do these pick up summons happen every weekend or totally randomly?

I have received back an answer:


now or NO

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Once again, the community is more in tune with what should be happening in the game than the developers. This is getting embarrassing.


The only offers worth buying for Covenant are the web offers, as they usually have the 5 pulls for 5 in there. Without it, I won’t be pulling this portal.


Totally agree. Thanks SG for making it easy to skip.


It is more likely that the issue lies with the bean-counter Overlords at Zynga / TT not with the devs.

To me this smacks of a last-minute call from above demanding an extra portal to make more money. I can hear the devs raising the issues and the Overlord response being “DO AS YOU ARE TOLD ! ADD THIS PORTAL NOW !!”.

So they did throw in a portal sometime after the eleventh hour, no more, no less.

Working for a micromanaging boss is no fun at all.


Yeah, that’s fair. That’s kinda what I meant, but I communicated it badly.

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Thank you @Spartiate. No worries at all. I usually state what changes it references, but can list out specifics when updates occur. As we have seen, updates will be for additional summon portals or changes/additions to featured heroes most times.

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If i remember correctly Gestalt has been featured twice in a row, so might be swapped out. Maybe for phorcys?

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I tried looking, but is Black Friday summons still beginning on Nov 20th?

On the update on Empires and puzzles website (dated Nov 1 2023) it states it begins on Nov 21.


Will tremor ever be featured again?

Or more hurricane features 2 come

Actually it’s November 21st, announced by the official SG/Zynga:
2023-11-21T07:00:00Z2023-11-27T07:00:00Z: Black Friday Summon Event

It was added to the calendar before being announced, so I think it was just added as a guess or placeholder originally


Do we know when a next aether summon is?

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Any changes in tomorrow featured heroes ? I really want gestalt - the taunt destroyer:)

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Good addition, I will be able to do a free x10 on both :smiley: