November 2023 Balance Update Discussion

My bad, sorry! What do you think of Viv toon, is it now better than C2?

Hard to say. Passive is now superb but overheal is overheal. One cleanses and other dispels, so both are useful, though that passive makes me incline towards Toon costume slightly.

I can only imagine how annoying Toon Viv will be a flank to Ludwig with that dispel resistance …

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This. I mean, in general I have to plan/assume that most any % chance on defense will work, but 75%, especially when it’s kinda “resist everything,” seems absurd atop the huge stat bonuses.

Doubly so that the original 50% was (somewhat thankfully) reduced, in principle, to 25% upon release but now the “balance” doesn’t “just” restore the problematically high beta value but rockets up to “basically 100%, functionally?”


I mean, it’s nice that the Christmas elf minions are un-nerfed from “tiny” back to “just really small,” but the game has moved on so much that the Christmas minions still seem often like more of a liability than an asset.

I suppose I’d rather have more UT coins than random Dunes coins, both because the UT heroes have more stat rush and because S5 portal is 0-for-everything for me anyway?

The latter two are minor but sorta balancey but not unwelcome points. Kinda feels like the main point was to unbalance Toons more enough to drive people to spend more at Costume Chamber.

And I feel conflicted because overall I kind of wouldn’t mind trying my luck more at CC as a relatively worthwhile portal, but Imbalance Updates like this make me cognizant that spending money at CC can be interpreted as a response to or endorsement of blatant Imbalance changes like these.


I get that people don’t like he Chibi art but even today I just got an email with Star Wars Chibi silver collector coins…

It’s just the “trendy” thing…I mean as a Star Wars fan do I like these? No. Would I pay $99 for one? Heck no. Do I think they shouldn’t exist? Not at all, someone will like them


Oh cool. I hadn’t seen that. Well maybe I will pick up a Carol in the Xmas pulls.

Cannot agree more. And it is ridiculous they nerf from 50% to 25% when release them and now pump up to 75%. Guess what, the costume summond are at the corner. Another bank balance haha

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Yeah I think Toon passive 50% is kind-of acceptably OP while 75% is too OP

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Gives them room to nerf that back to intended 50% after raking in extra revenue from incoming CC portal.
So transparent


Why ask for 75%, I think should do 100% healing plus boosted health plus immune to damage for 6 turns. And the passive resist needs more buff. 75% is not enough… should go for 100%.

That can be waited for the newer heroes :joy:

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if it’s 100% I’m also very welcome. Why not. it all depends on the EP.
Average speed 65%. Slow speed 54%.
Slow speed hero skills should be better than average speed heroes, that my opinion. Everyone have different opinion. Its okay :smiley:

beta say 50 is too much, they listen us and regret it

so they buff them even more now so chamber will be back in game


So lesson learned for them, dont listen to Beta :joy: :scream: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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“Season” Coins in Loot

This one isn’t really a “balance” update, but certain sources of in-game loot will now give you Untold Tales Coins instead of Dunes Coins!

why not make it like get all coins for all seasons!! like if you get a prize of 5 coins you get 5 for Atlantis, 5 for Valhalla, 5 for Underwild, 5 for Dunes and 5 for Untold Story!

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I was thinking it would be nice to have a “bonus roll” for coins from a portal currently happening whenever you open a chest. So the latest season’s roll is always there, and you get a chance for coins for a current portal on top!

(I know, I know, it’s just wishful thinking)

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Very clever scenario. Only counter to wither is growth. So the only counter to goblins r other goblins. £££££££ !! Very sneaky u sneaky little sneaky thing u !!!