November 2023 Balance Update Discussion

was hoping to christmas costume got buff more :///

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@Petri It’s a shame that Vivica heal is only 54% on slow speed. Cleoparta on average speed 65%!!.
Vivica heal must be at least 65% - 75%!!


Nope. Not at all. It’s gone live. That buff is here to stay for now.

Gives Zynga time to release some offers with EHTs before Xmas kicks off on 1 December.

The Xmas minion buff is said to affect all Xmas heroes including Carol but Carol still doesn’t make minions. Super lame.

Continuing the discussion from July 2023 Balance Update - Details & Release Notes:

Yes she does


Are you sure? Mine does.

2nd line of skill.

  • Summons an Elf Minion with 10% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster.

i faced a Sartana toon tank (probably in the league). She survived everything i tried and resisted everything of course. Concentrated on her all the specials in my team plus tiles cascade but it never seemed to be enough: she always survived with a whim of hp until one of the healer brought her back to almost full health.
That “75% chance” on defense means immunity.

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Making the toons have a 75% chance to resist anything negative plus their superior talents is just dumb and lazy imho. Why not make it a pure 100%? That’s too extreme but 75% is reasonable?


At least we can now get untold coins in other places, I was worried about that and not being able to earn more to get some free pulls.

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I didn’t say small though?

My bad, I hadn’t actually ready what they said properly. As we were.


Guess I’ll have to level up a toon. Hate the art though.

You just have to become like a Tragic the Gathering player these days…,art means nothing. It’s all about crushing your enemies and hearing the lamentation of the women.

Seeing a second balance update that isn’t exclusively one group of heroes is interesting, especially within a week of the last one. I’m still hoping to get a Legendary Christmas hero though, so thanks! 10% HP and 10% attack for my Buddy, Frosty, and Rudolph is nice. Now, I just need them to give me Santa, North, or even Augustus. Fighting him once or twice made me interested in getting him now.

When you get a Christmas Toon you’ll be okay, just be patient a couple of years!

Besides S1 heroes are our friends and we all like a friend with benefits!

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You do realise that this was my translation of the original post by @Badhem which was in Spanish, don’t you?

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Yeah, I’m not daft! Much!

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Outside of pengi… I still don’t think I’ll use buddy or Santa. And with pengi… The only reason i do use him is because i have him double limit broken with full emblems. The older Christmas heroes are just withering in the vine… Sorry to be a buzz kill.

I have and use Toon Sartana. Wanted Viv of course. I wouldn’t bother if I didn’t have base maxed, but with her Jinx talent that removes buffs with tiles frequently she’s quite versatile and now has more TP without any LB than LB2 Anne. Also makes those PoG tasks requiring the use of classic hero much easier. I have to say I am quite pleasantly surprised with her. Her art is ugly tho.

Now of course with bump to Toon passive she’ll resist almost everything and won’t get dispelled easily (or at all; while she’s dispelling you with mere slash attacks on top) as well.

Viv toon does not dispel enemies, C2 does.

I was talking about Toon Sartana and her Jinx Superior Talent.