November 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Masquerade, Mighty Pets, W3K, Covenant Of Champions, Underwild, Atlantis, Tower Of Styx, Valhalla, Black Friday Summon, Dynasty Of Dunes, and Tavern Of Legends)

Monster Island


@Elioty33 or anyone with information. Will it be any portal connected to Monster Island? Any new heroes? Featured?

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Very valid question, I didn’t check that. I will have a look at it later today. As far as we know, there was no summon gate tied to it in beta.


In Beta there was no portal attached to it.

This was the case for War of the Three Kingdoms Global Beta too.

So I would not expect a portal this time.

Maybe later.


W3K heroes were not released ahead of time, unlike Monster heroes.

Plain Monster heroes have now been fully released into live game. There is no reason for Zynga/SGG not to have a summon portal for Monster Island.

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As per the information I have, there is no summon portal tied to the Monster Island event (at least for now).
So for the Abyss Hunter heroes, Otis and Goretooth will be featured at the next Covenant summon event (EDIT: on the 9th Dec). Bogart and Basil will also be part of the portal’s pool. For the other Abyss Hunter heroes, they do not have a released date yet.

Hope this clear things up :smiley:


Awaiting the list for Dec. When you have time. Thank you.


Is it just me or do we now have LESS of an idea of what is coming since SG started releasing an official calendar?!?



any prediction when Papyros will be featured again? I know, I am probably the only one asking for him :stuck_out_tongue:


You made me smile, thx :relaxed:
You have to tell why so fond if him?

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Oh, Mr. Toilet paper is just great guy overall in my opinion!

He is a great support hero (cleanse, buff defense, minions, gives mana) while also dealing sand dmg…

Im very fond in general of heroes that can do it all in little and would love to build a team of five do it all heroes :slight_smile:


I have updated my calendars to adjust featured heroes for the upcoming Tavern Of Legends as well as added the Monster Island start.


Presumably on the 16th of March 2023. But that’s a long time, more than enough for SGG to change their plans if they wish to.


Elioty thank you!

Just one more thing… since january will be end of season 5, I wonder which two other heroes will be featured besides Anubis (the greed god) ?


No more questions then I pinky promise :stuck_out_tongue:

It is highly likely there will be 36 provinces so I am expecting S5 to end in February only.


Ah yes, I can see now!

There are only 33 provinces currently, but to the right bottom corner, there is a hidden pyramid!!

Sneaky buggers!

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Did we have a mirages quest this weekend?

We had the green one before Thanksgiving. I thought there is just one a month.

If so, they must have moved November’s earlier.


Last (busy, hoped to do it sooner but here it is) weekend of the month so I prepared my predictions for next month and here it is :smiley: I hope everything is good as I did my magic so I can prepare it a lot faster from now on. I also added the events’ duration.

  • Tavern of Legends Nov 28 11:00 UTC (2 days and 20 hours): featured heroes: Hel C (new), Perseus C (new), Alasie C
  • Monster Island #1 Nov 29 07:00 UTC (3 days): no-summon-gate event
  • HOTM Dec 01 07:00 UTC: Balur (new)
  • Santa’s Challenge Dec 01 07:00 UTC (31 days): no featured hero + the introduction of (new): Augustus, Tinsel, Peppermint, Holly, Buster
  • Challenge Festival II Dec 01 07:00 UTC (4 days): featured heroes: Ogima (new), Narcisa, Winifred + the introduction of (new): Garyas, Zarel
  • Nature Contest of Elements Dec 05 07:00 UTC (3 days): featured heroes: Xandrella (new), Roz (new); no (other) new hero
  • Mythic Titan (Hades, Dark) Dec 05 07:00 UTC (2 days): no-summon-gate event
  • Underwild Dec 08 07:00 UTC (4 days): featured heroes: Xenda (new), Xnolphod, Zenobia; no (other) new hero
  • Covenant Summon Dec 09 07:00 UTC (4 days): featured heroes: Otis (new), Goretooth (new), Ruby, Jequn, Milena, Toxicandra + the introduction of (new): Bogart, Basil
Covenant summon list:
Name Element Stars Origin
Otis Fire 5 Monster Island
Goretooth Dark 5 Monster Island
Ruby Fire 5 Ninja Tower
Jequn Holy 5 Contest of Elements
Milena Ice 5 Tower of Magic
Toxicandra Nature 5 Challenge Festival II
Sudri Fire 3 Season III
Azar Fire 3 Classic
Phoenicus Fire 3 Challenge Festival I
Basil Fire 3 Monster Island
Gnomer Nature 3 Challenge Festival I
Brienne Nature 3 Classic
Belith Nature 3 Classic
Mnesseus Nature 3 Season II
Fianna Nature 3 Monster Island
Isshtak Nature 3 Classic
Guardian Lemur Ice 3 Challenge Festival I
Graymane Ice 3 Classic
Dawn Ice 3 Monster Island
Valen Ice 3 Classic
Gato Ice 3 Season II
Bane Holy 3 Classic
Edelaide Holy 3 Monster Island
Sally Holy 3 Challenge Festival I
Kvasir Holy 3 Season III
Treevil Dark 3 Challenge Festival I
Renfeld Dark 3 Classic
Balthazar Dark 3 Classic
Oberon Dark 3 Classic
Tyrum Dark 3 Classic
Colen Fire 4 Classic
Wilbur Fire 4 Season II
Guardian Falcon Fire 4 Challenge Festival I
Maheegan Fire 4 Monster Island
Gormek Fire 4 Classic
Caedmon Nature 4 Classic
Gadeirus Nature 4 Season II
Little John Nature 4 Classic
Peters Nature 4 Challenge Festival I
Kashhrek Nature 4 Classic
Boril Ice 4 Classic
Jott Ice 4 Season III
Grimm Ice 4 Classic
Captain of Diamonds Ice 4 Challenge Festival I
Gullinbursti Holy 4 Season III
Bogart Holy 4 Monster Island
Wu Kong Holy 4 Classic
Gretel Holy 4 Challenge Festival I
Tiburtus Dark 4 Classic
Rigard Dark 4 Classic
Meadow Dark 4 Monster Island
Merlin Dark 4 Challenge Festival I
Captain Kestrel Fire 5 Challenge Festival I
Lady Loki Fire 5 Season III
Red Hood Fire 5 Challenge Festival I
Khagan Fire 5 Classic
Lianna Nature 5 Classic
Atomos Nature 5 Season II
The Hatter Nature 5 Challenge Festival I
Guardian Chameleon Nature 5 Challenge Festival I
Fenrir Ice 5 Season III
Isarnia Ice 5 Classic
Alice Ice 5 Challenge Festival I
Misandra Ice 5 Season II
Poseidon Holy 5 Season II
Guinevere Holy 5 Challenge Festival I
Vivica Holy 5 Classic
Guardian Owl Holy 5 Challenge Festival I
Sargasso Dark 5 Challenge Festival I
Sartana Dark 5 Classic
Boss Wolf Dark 5 Challenge Festival I
Salmon Loki Dark 5 Season III
  • Atlantis Dec 12 07:00 UTC (2 days): featured heroes: Inari C, Malicna, Tarlak C (new), Zagrog; no (other) new hero
  • Tower of Magic Dec 14 07:00 UTC (5 days): no featured hero; no (other) new hero
  • Brave Musketeers Dec 14 07:00 UTC (5 days): no featured hero + the introduction of (new): D´Artagnan, Aramis, Athos, Villiers, Porthos, Queen Anne
  • Valhalla Dec 19 07:00 UTC (3 days): featured heroes: Thor C (new), Bera, Skadi C; no (other) new hero
  • Dunes Dec 22 07:00 UTC (4 days): featured heroes: Hathor (new), Ma’at, Khufu; no (other) new hero
  • Costume Chamber Dec 26 07:00 UTC (3 days): featured heroes: Leonidas C2 (new), Joon C2 (new) + the introduction of (new): Quintus C2, Caedmon C2
  • Sanctuary of Gargoyles Dec 29 07:00 UTC (4 days): no featured hero + the introduction of (new): Kemény, Matrera
  • HOTM Jan 01 07:00 UTC: Roughian & Nurgib (new)
  • Covenant Quest #1 Jan 02 07:00 UTC (3 days): no-summon-gate event
  • War of the Three Kingdoms Jan 02 07:00 UTC (5 days): no featured hero + the introduction of (new): Erlang Shen


  • It seems that Sugarplum was renamed to Holly for release (even if the release notes still use the old name).
  • Dec 14 Tower of Magic is probably a glitch in the game and staff will remove it to make place for the new Brave Musketeers alliance quest, as stated by the v53 release notes.

@Zartanis @sommc @IsaHurricane @ArktikaTF @PlayForFun and whoever else is interested.


So am I to understand the musketeers are a new tower or do they run concurrent?
Btw; thank you!

Nice catch. I didn’t have much time to proofread it. I think it’s just a glitch in the game for now and they certainly will remove the magic tower event before then. I am adding a footnote :+1:
And to answer your question, no the Brave Musketeers isn’t a tower event, it’s an alliance quest (like Clash of Knights).