November 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

Many were waiting for Charon to be released into live portal. He’s expected in this portal, before having a good go at the upcoming Styx portal.

If you read the Styx thread, you will find those comments there. Or if they did try, they didn’t go in big as Zynga/SGG expected.

Hence the revenue was probably lower than expected.

My guess is that Zynga/SGG didn’t bother to bone up on why the September Styx portal didn’t bring in the mega bucks they were expecting.

This November Styx portal should meet their expectations, with Charon released.


Yeah, this is the last straw for me as well. I’m done spending on this bs.


really Ridiculous. There are plenty of useless heroes. Exeera, Wolf Boss, the same Aeron with the current buff…


And they will address in the December balance update “how succesful the buff was”, just like the buffing of S5 heroes passives and base stats after 2 weeks of the Season’s start, because "no one played with their new toys)… Well maybe it just takes more than 2 weeks for most players to level up their heroes and gather ascension materials…


Exactly. It’s propaganda to whitewash their real reasons for the buffs. They don’t care a toot about player QOL till they have no choice but to concede some.


What was the reason for that, the underwhelming metrix? The feedback of the community? Oh no, it was the bank account :joy:
@Petri when you start a discussion, it is disrespectful if you don’t participate


Got Aeron recently from HA10… Will go to SE
Even after the update he’s crap
2 Russula (1 fully leveled) went to SE, don’t regret that


Next month… It didn’t made enough people’s *ss burning

All the more reason to remain FTP. These “buffs” to older heroes is a joke. Time to remind Zynga/SG to check my spending metrics…$0 since Feb 2022 due to the C-Krampus nerf.

I still enjoy the game, even though I play less than I used to, but I will no longer spend and look forward to the day the game ends.


What can we do… Nothing… What SG will do… nothing… So why we bother writing here…


This is so underwhelming, just increased base damage? Nothing else to fix some of these heroes?


Lets officially rename “balance update” into “SSG income increase update”
Dont wanna say anythning else to this never-ending fiasco.


The aeron part had me scratching my head until I read your post. Okay that made sense

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Buffing old heroes is good, but I think Styx heroes does not needed this buff at all :frowning:


It doesn’t seem like they did anything to fix the main issue with Erabus. The update seems to read that there is damage for attempting to summon a minion on his first charge.

My card still shows that’s only available on the 2nd and 3rd charges.

Still not sure if this one is worth leveling!


Totally weird stuff.

Erebus and Nemezis have unchanged mechanic, increasing the numbers won’t change much about them. While Nemezis was and still is good from the very beginning, because of the mana buffs everywhere and the effect is applied to all, Erebus is still weak because he makes stuff to the single target. You could make him 2000% snipe and he still wouldn’t be that great. Insta-kill to one is of course good, but the rest 4 heroes are all dangerous as well.


Buffs for older heroes are always appreciated, I hope SGG will track and buff more of them.

Sadly these changes aren’t enough, Aeron still need to put it’s status aliment prevention on all allies, Russula damage upon special skill should be buffed too and 200% damage on a slow hero is too 2019. A speed bump would have been better.


Cmon buffing the attack from 150 to 200 to a hero with 618 basic attack is ridiculous joke and brutal insolence . That is a mockery with the intelligence of the players… That is a direct insult for me…


Isn’t it weird that Santa increased to 200% but his costume remains the same at 150%, is that intended?


If anyone who have half a brain cell will refrain from spending a dime in Styx summon.