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This is just for laughs, again the strong and new heros got the strong buffs and the old heros are ignored again and the ones that are buffed are useless again. Where it’s it’s the normal Victor, BW, Anzogh, Sekhmet…


Boss Wolf for â– â– â– â–  sake!


I don’t have Aeron, but this change is really bad:
“HP regeneration duration: 3 turns → 5 turns”
So he regenerated 460/3=153 per turn, now he will regen. 460/5=92. Wow…

Edit: SG forgot to mention that they buffed total healing from 460HP to 765HP, so it is much better.
Now he can heal 765/5=153 per turn.


Discussion means some form of interaction. No reason to bother “discussing” since there’s no interaction with anyone from SG.


Really :rofl: even after this I won’t spend money in Styx event :smile:


The Aeron buffs seems the only one really needed.

Styx no idea. To be honest with all the new heroes I have no idea what they do anyway so no idea if the change was needed or not.

Santa was far from useless before, and also russula isn’t the worst in their portal, so not sure why exactly they are buffed…


Oh let me see when is the Styx event.
Geeeee its coming Wednesday. What a surprise.
Btw what are the changes in Thanatos and Charon?
They are announced in the ingame message but dont see them here.


seems buffing old heroes only to cover up that they made new styx heroes so OP.

and what is the real buffing of aeron actually?


Change to Santa is both to regular version and Costume version?

And what about Miriam & Midnight - the most overpowered hero?
Why it was not nerfed?


Family /passive bonus changes for those yet to be released styx heroes

Thats madness… already superstrong heroes ger buff… really, pure madness or stupidy. SG really needs sales specialist to help. Only sense or that is to encourage more and more summons… and thats the stupid way…

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Deja vu

It was the same for magic heroes, when the magic tower was approaching.

Santa’s direct damage at 200% but his costume is still at 150% ?


now you can safely hand over the russula in exchange of souls. it was a pity before, I hoped for up)) facepalm


Russula 6 tiles … +50% dmg for 1
Hypnos 6 tiles … +50% dmg for 5

My russula still gonna sit on 3/70


To echo the statement of some others here, the buff to the damage on Styx heroes does seem… unecessary. I can live with the change to the passive being the chance at mana gen down, though having complete innate resistance to all def down seems excessive. Considering there’s only a very small handful of HotM with such a blessing of a passive!

Someone made a very good point in saying that it’s convenient that trhe styx tower returns on Wednesday really…

The changes to older heroes seem rather dissapointing in all honesty. IT does make me particularly excited for any of the three


No, only base version, So now costume is significantly weaker than base.


LOL These Devs are so predictable it is boring. Styx tower coming up even though we had it not long ago btw (they mess the rotation just to squeeze more out of you), so they are buffing the hell out of those already OP heros LOL. Come on Whales, time to splash out the money and donate to your Dev gods. Can’t wait till they nerf the Halloween hero now that the event coming to an end LOL. Keep on supporting them though, they are totally doing great for the community~!