🍻 [November 2020] Portal Stats, Summon Results & Offers – Tavern of Legends

I always thought my portal is color blind… I hoped to pull Ranvir or Neith from 3 free pulls but… Ice heroes popped out instead… legendary Ulmer, Gunnar…

…prior to them is the polar bear (my first ice 5* !)


Did mystic vision then one pull really choking me …but i think hes just underrated hero?


Spending some summon coins on Tavern of Legends… and out pops this:

Wasn’t expecting that!


37 pulls and 2 glendas (already have 1). Rest was fodder (good 4s like rigard,tiburtus i already have plenty maxed)

Sad but life goes on- was extremely lucky in november anyway (panther,francine,glenda,falcon)


Not sure why you think he is underrated… he is a top hero for everyone

I was tempted to buy the £29 offer today but i got nothing last time and won’t be doing it this time.
Would rather just burn the money :stuck_out_tongue:

Best yellow imo a bit OP is you ask me

Got the only one I will never level. RANVIR. Already have Miki, Tarlak, Gazelle and Wu Kong leveled so no use for him. At least I got Glenda too :smile:£

Thx for the enlightment…juat play this game for 3 months not really have knowledges bout technical data …i got it very cheap just one pull just thought cheap thingvwill never be good . On the contrary its decent hero…TY SG!!!


Bought the offer, did a 30 pull. 30 3* dupes and I feel dirty and guilty now! Never again TOL pull!


I bought the offer. 30 pull. I got just Aeron. :confused:


Bought offer too, got Ranvir out of it… guess I’ll take that, but the hunt for a Seshat goes on xD

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Same for me, since the beginning (even though I’ve got Khiona x 2 last time, what a luck). It’s a shame because I really would like to get a nice old HOTM, I tried this time (100 pulls !) for Hel or Kingston and got nothing. When a see my girlfriend pulling Myztero, Delilah, Aeron, Gregorion and now Evelyn, I just want to break something. lol


So I bought the 28.99 deal today, this is my main spending on the game as it is the cheapest 30 pull I can do, plus it gives me flasks for AR ( now at 19, with the chance to get a few more from chests etc yet)

I like this portal, for me it works as best chance to not get a dupe 5star as there are so many former hotm I dont have ( along with any green S1 5s) and if I’m not lucky I still have plenty 3/4 star food to give to whoever I’m levelling.

As always I’d like to get evelyn but accept that my odds of getting a specific hero are low.

This month from the 30 pulls I got Gregorian (who I have wanted for a while as green is my weak link) and Musashi ( who is unfortunately a dupe of what I got the first month this ran.

All in all happy again with summons from this portal.


I also did the 32.99 deal (euros, uggh).

I got a third Marjana. (Theoretically a very rare pull with 0.6 % chance for a S1 5*, but still not very happy about it.)

Legends has always been kind to me (I’ve got Zeline and Delilah from previous portals), but I’ve had absolutely insane luck this month. Athena from my first coin pull on Thursday, then did a 10-pull today and got Alby and Hel!!

(Then I used the coins from the event/28.99 offer and did another 10 pull and got nothing, but there’s no way I’m complaining)


Incredible luck you’ve had on this ToL portal Elena :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
You were already in love with ToL before this occurrence, probably even more now :heart_eyes:


Two summons. Two S1 dupes.

Still very happy with my summons this month (Vanda and Guardian Panther). :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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My TOL highlight


Congrats to all who had a decent result. My minor triumph in this event was resisting the 30-pull offer, which I’m quite proud of. I had some unused coins from the previous event and also bought the first day offers (coins spent, gems saved for Valhalla/December), around 35 summons in all. Total legendary gains: one spare Isarnia, soon going into HA10. Anything below 5* is a dupe anyway. My levellers ate well though.


I was already hooked after Zeline, now I’m resigned to forking out £40+ every time that stupid portal comes up from now until the end of time/they stop running the game (whichever comes first). I complained a lot about it only being every 2 months now with Ninja Tower, but maybe it’s for the best :crazy_face:

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