🍻 [November 2020] Portal Stats, Summon Results & Offers – Tavern of Legends

1 coin pull, Evelyn.


This month;
Atlantis 23 pulls - nothing
Costume event 7 pulls - nothing
Tol 24 pulls - nothing

What is wrong with this game?


Nice…you are right…my Miki is on 3/70 a while now but with the very fast wars I wouldn’t mind having 6 Miki’s…:rofl:

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Finished all ToL levels, had some legend coins to spend, did a few pulls and 4th pull I landed Ranvir :star_struck:

After Malosi I will choose between him, Neith (3.70) and Bai Yeong on which holy to max next.


In your face costume portal ! :laughing:

Im so happy with this, so unexpected


Three pulls. 1st with gems- belith. Second with coins, Hel, third with coins Gravemaker.

I am not even sure what happened, but I will take it after a long dry spell.


Gained my fave feeders:

  • Berden
  • Wu Kong

Like previous ToL events, I got nothing but 3* dupes. Guess just not the event for me.

Well I was blessed with 3 and 4 star feeders for my very hungry gazelle! Yeah, nothing here to report. :confounded::weary:

After saving up enough coins to do 10 pulls, I decided to use them today. And after 6 or 7 3*,she appeared in my life


Not a slow 5* healer, yes please.


Secondary account results from free coins (two from current event one from last)
Magni is a dupe and I have his costume but I’ve been sitting on Skadi a while so will tackle her first.


Jackpotttt. U got 2 of the most coveted heroes

3 pulls with coins, but all 3*. And then 1 pull with 300 gems and… she came out. So happy :joy:


2 pulls with coins:

Friar Tuck & Karil

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I never use gems on this portal but COVID makes us funny. I am missing many and am grateful to be in a position to spend on rented pixels. 150 summons total. Don’t want to make it look like I was terribly lucky. I was looking for Kingston and a second grave, and I didn’t need Ranvir but you get what the portal gives. So I am happy but back to just free tokens for this event. The last 3 are destined for hero academy as they are all dupes.


3 free pulls.

Nothing to see here. :joy:

36 pulls this time and…1 Melendor (4-th dupe), 1 Boldtusk (3-rd dupe) and 34 3* feeders.
Did SG say increased chances? F@… I am done with pulling from ToL and maybe done with pulling at all.

I did about 120 pulls in ToL since launch and guess what? Not a single 5*. I guess my money deserves better usage than this. Complete waste. My bad, my stpdity. I am really angry. Not on SG, but on myself. I should not make any pulls from this money pit. Chances are far from calling it fairplay but I could not resist.
Anyway, congrats to all of you who got any 5* from ToL!

I bought the offers, plus the keys from the event… 7 pulls, I got Melendor (Dupe) and 6x 3*. Saving the gems for costume pulls when the new costumes come out.

I pulled Onatel and Natalya via a 10-pull. I’m happy since I did not have Onatel. Good luck all! :wink:


Free token pull - Miki!!!