🗿 [November 2020] Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

After a bit of bad luck with my pulls lately, I am really hoping for panther this time. I have 83 coins saved so will be able to do a few pulls without investing. Hopefully it will work out!

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What heroes will you use for following levels:

What are main 4 battle items?

I think that i will try a mix of red and purple for all the tiers



And legendary


Can I get Panther please? Thank you in advance

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Last time I’ve got Panther, Kong and Jackal. Hope for Falcon. :slight_smile:

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How many pulls did you used to get those? I saved up 85 coins, I know its pretty poor but I do hope to get at least one of the event heroes, knowing my luck it will be the green 5* :crazy_face:

You would be incredibly lucky if you get an event 5* in 9 pulls. Not impossible but the odds are against you. You can see the OP for the odds. I’m planning on doing about 20 pulls this event, it’s the first time I’m spending gems on a challenge event. The odds are terrible but I want a Jackal and Falcon THAT badly that I’m willing to risk getting all food from my hard saved gems. :rofl: There’s also people that get multiple event 5* in a 10 pull. Gotta love gatcha/RNG. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah I know, but one can dream right :smiley: I managed to get Black Knight at the last event with just 1 single pull not even expecting anything. Good luck with your pulls and do share them over here :slight_smile:

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I made maybe 80 pulls, I wanted to get one 5* of this event like you (Panther or Gazelle would have been a must) and I had a lot of luck actually. Didn’t mention I’ve got Raffaele in the same time.

And yes, it’s highly probable you don’t get any 5* even with a lot of pulls.

So glad I have a pile of gems saved up so I can get 10x Prisca while attempting to summon Panther.


Falcon is excellent. I have an extra Falcon that I would happily give you in trade for your Panther. :rofl:

gonna be my first time in this game that i’ll be doing a 10x pull :slight_smile:

saved up over 9k gems and its my second teltoc event, but the first time i had no clue about the game :smiley:

i just hope for jackal and/or falcon, that would be awesome

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You should save for Christmas. If you realy want try to go for Panther. But you should wait for Christmas. There’s mother north, and a new surprise blue tank

Ahah I’m not sure this is a really fair trade ! I must say, when I pulled Panther, I didn’t realize… And despite all my pulls, Falcon didn’t want to join my roster.

Teltoc has been fairly good for me, although the only Guardians I’m missing are arguably the best two, Panther and Gazelle. My first Jackal arrived early last year and has been a staple ever since; now finally levelling a dupe and have one spare. The mighty Kong is great, especially since his buff. I wanted Falcon for ages, but only just got one at the last Teltoc, so haven’t really used him that much (he could do with more emblems to get the best out of him but there is so much competition for paladins). Bat is maxed but hardly ever used. Owl will probably sit forever looking cool on the bench. I also have not one but two Chameleons; since getting Tarlak I’ve been looking forward to trying their famous synergy, but the green queue is long and the tonics are short. Will get round to him/her/it eventually.

Summoning plan is to use event tokens and crossed fingers only. May be unable to resist a cheeky 10 pull though (which I will duly regret next month).

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Did my 50+ pulls, not a single Jackal. I simply cant understand how i cant pull Jackal with more than 100 pulls done in overall on this event. The only things i got is a dupe falcon and Gazelle.

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Booyah! Pulled Guardian Gazelle on my 9th single token pull! Finally! :wink:


Lol stayed up for the portal and did 3 coin pulls and two 10 pulls. All s1 three stars from coins. Got Owl, Bat and Falcon though from gems. And three s1 five star dups :rofl:

Not sure I wanted the fat owl lol but I’ll take it :laughing: better than dawa


Had saved 83 coins for 8 pulls. Got a jackal and crap. Then did a final gem pull and got panther! Really excited :grin:


I had 65 challange coins. I missed Jackal and Bat. I already had Guardian Falcon.
Im glad i pulled both them and an extra Falcon too.

I think i will save the challange coins for completing the tiers for Avalon.

Good gaming


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