November 2019 Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests & Atlantis Rises) Tentative

I have never done Riddles before… what are the best setups or heroes to use for it - want to prepare and if need be, upgrade anyone.

I have a Gobbler not leveled, is he needed for Riddles or is he useful for another event?

He’s theoretically useful against enemies with Minions, but he’s so profoundly squishy that it’s difficult to use him for that purpose reliably.

I’d recommend using other strategies to deal with Minions, like mana control, direct damage, and DoT.

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Ok thanks. I have Proteus and Peters so I guess they’d be fine for that - definitely Proteus I know.

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I think that they should do a rare quest every Monday. With 7 Rare Quests, that would be ideal for it to come along once every 7 weeks.


There is a feature request for this, you should vote for it. :slight_smile:


As always, greatly appreciated @Novo!

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Since Rare Quest: Frostmarch landed on the 4th, made adjustments to remaining rare quest dates. Please remember these dates are not exact, Rare Quests usually but not always appear between 7-10 days apart.


Just wondering if a calendar of events is available for November. Where do you find calendars so I dont have to ask anymore

Got them on line, don‘t know the website

Thanks for the quick response.

Here it is:

And for all past and future calendar, here it is: #calendar


Thanks @jinbatsu! All monthly calendars are listed under Players Guides or you can use the #calendar search tag.


Thank you Nova for information.

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Excellent. Thanks you!

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Given that Nature is reflected, Gobbler’s squishiness is a significant issue for Wonderland.

Sorry everyone, dumb question: I remember we did some kind of event/challenge where a Trap Tool was a reward, are they regular, or at least once a month or something? If so, any clue when the next expected one would be? Need 3 total (Yep, for Proteus)

Thanks in advance

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Here is the quest rotation thread that Mariamne has put together:

I think the one you want should be next month.


Could be you’re thinking of Morlovia (not “Return to” …). It’s one of the Rare Quests; see 💫 Memento Quests (Yes; as above.)

Could also be Knights of Avalon, where trap tools is one of the epic tier completion rewards: 👑 New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

… or Pirates of Corellia, where trap tools are among the legendary tier completion rewards: 🏴‍☠ New Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

… or possibly other challenge events? Sheesh, is there a master list somewhere? :slight_smile:

ETA: Come to think of it, Return to Morlovia also had trap tools as one of the rewards at advanced level 10 …


Estimate date next rare quest…


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