🍻 [November 19, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion

There are some predictions yes… like month of atlantis featured past hotms are to be included into tavern of legends in month or two.

Two free coin summons and got Kingston on the 2nd:

Can’t say I really believe in superstitious pulls but FWIW, I’ve pulled several heroes recently with single pulls while switched to Russian language. :man_shrugging:

Is it worth it to do more pulls for Hel? Lol the ones I want the most from ToL are probably Frida, Evelyn, and Miki.


Congraties! :heart: I’ll try that language switch on my pulls later today X~)

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Bane and Balthazar for my two pulls.

I’ll give a try. I’ve got the Russian keyboard, so I need just a second.:rofl:

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Another waste of time event…zero reason to do it for more Dawas

Is there be infographics on this month quest?? Whom to fight? Teams needs planning :thinking::partying_face:

It’s in the first post.

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Sorted now thanks @Hexa

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Here are the teams I used for this ToL. I finally managed to beat stage 7 with a 3* team. I then used my reserve 3* team to have a crack at stage 8 and it didn’t go too well after Khiona turbo charged Drake who then nunchucked half my team into next week. I need more 3* heroes!!

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After 7 months into this addictive game, I am finally able to clear all ToL stages for the first time, with the help from some battle items. :upside_down_face:


I didn’t get Dawa :frowning_face: - I got the legendary Valen :smile:

( Well Valen was legendary to the Minbari ( Babylon 5 ) )


You… are not The One.

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I completed Tavern with these teams. I did not use my top blue, yellow, or green teams. I try to stretch my lesser used heroes further than I should because I end up with a bunch on the bench and the levels take longer to play.


Heroes I left on the bench:
5 stars: 9
4 stars with emblems: 12
4 stars at 4/70: 13

I also did not spend much time planning out teams. I knew what I wanted for the final two levels and worked backwards focusing more on color strategy than team synergies. Next iteration I can both use better heroes in many places as well as build out better teams. I just realized I did not use a single Holy hero.


I Uden these teams:

Had to use some items in the last 2 levels, had terrible boards, but made it, with some strong heroes to spare.


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