🔵 [Nov 6, 2019] Trials of Survival Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

It seems last time I nuked the bosses, so this time I tried to kill them without so many items - uh okay, went with 2x healing, antidotes and arrows, used healing, 4 antidotes and 1 arrow, okay for me, Kelile and Gretel both survived with about 250 LP.

Too bad, Kelile is still not maxed (but I went fourth tier, so I won’t forget that^^), Gretel is maxed now, Scarlett has some more emblems, the troops are a bit stronger - and I need another hero. One has to go: Gretel or LJ, they just don’t work good together, obviously. But you go with what you get…

Emblembs go to Gretel (Barbarian) and stock (Rogue), maybe when I maxed Danza, he’ll get some :smiley: but Drake is in the yellow line before.
Trainer goes to Anzogh.

Team last time:

Team this time:

Need a line here for quoting…