🔵 [Nov 25, 2020] Trials of Survival -- Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Even with no healers, this team made light work of the final stage!!

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Well done, everyone of you guys :slight_smile:

I managed the first two stages with

Brynhild tuck at 3/60)

(It´s all I have of the Class Requirement)

And some consumables, mostly health potions.

I am saving Emblems for now - I am at a stage, where I´m not quite sure yet. :slight_smile:


I used the same team as always:

  • Miki +18
  • Kage +11
  • Sif +16
  • Bryn 4/70
  • Guardian Kong 4/80

Sif is almost a win button on fights with bosses that do a ton of damage, so it was rather okay. Emblems thusly will go to her and Kage. Trainer stored for Tyr.


Tough trial. I only have 6 heroes viable. Brynhild took C.LiXiu’s place this time, but did not help too much against all that red.
Domitia +costume+10 - Miki 3.70 - Brynhild +3 - Gretel +5 - GM +10
A forced rainbow challenge (has it been done already? I’m quite new to such challenges :rofl:). Had to use a couple of healing potions and then a bomb and an axe to speed up things. Lost Gretel and GM when the battle was almost over.
Emblems went to Brynhild to bring her to +5, barbarian stored for my first Grimm who’s still at 4.50. Trainer to Grimm.


Thanksgiving prep took precedence this time around.

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Could not find the December post…
I can’t get thorough last stage… impossible without a healer… Barbarian and Rogue class looks like the weakest point at the moment :scream:

It change now, no date… it use Master in title, here is the thread:
:large_blue_circle: [Master Discussion] – Trials of Survival - Guide, Sharing & Discussion

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