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Same team

Bit harder to set up this time round, used a few healing pots

But nailed the big boy first luckily

Lost a couple this time too

Just enough in the end

Saving all loot


Completed with the same team:
Grimm, Malosi, Richard, Brynhild and Jackal
Use a purple banner in the last round


Kinda new set up- danza and scarlet out done me well in past trials :+1: used some healing and green pot a time stop. Board was being annoying just not getting any rhythm to it just making matches and that’s it (if that makes sense)

Emblems in storage got loads of barbarian was thinking the shark?
Trainer BT 2


the game gave me a lot of rogues. Dont know why


Team used, I considered using a maxed 2nd Danzaburo instead of Marjana but meh…

I had to spend a lot of healing potions to ensure the victory. Few axes a bomb and dragon attack to kill Azlar before firing.

Emblems for Scarlett and LJ. Trainer for Colen.


Obviously a trials that requires healing potions. I put Brynhild in the middle to reduce this, but still used 5 of the second biggest and 3-4 of the second smallest healing potions.

Domitia +2 / Mok-Arr +8 / Brynhild / Marjana +20 / Grimm +20.

No real problems. Mok-Arr is less “useful” on the first two levels, but shines against the three red bosses in the last one.

Trainer to second Marjana. Barbarians for Mok-Arr, I guess (have to keep him alive long enough to fire). Domitia will likely get at least a couple more levels of emblems.


Good board combine with ninja dodges several times. No died and no items used. Lucky for me :smile:


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Last Time 4* challenge and now come back with Miki, last time struggle without using items almost all died, Jott didn’t help, maybe because lack of blue tiles.
Other Options


Decent boards, 4 heroes mana ready.

Nashgar fire to my emblemed Grimm followed by slash attack Azlar and died! :open_mouth:
Well, but completed without using any items :muscle:


Emblems Barbarian maybe for Little John or later Frank, Rogue keep for a while.
Trainer keep in stock, still waiting rings for Gefjon.


Only 4 heroes with lack of healer… :muscle: :sweat_smile: :open_mouth: :scream: :man_shrugging: :thinking:
I was late reading this… maybe next trial this could be nice challenge… :+1:


Same team as last time with 4* challenge, as it works quite well:

No healers, so had to use 1 potion for jott (all the mobs seemed to target him…)
Scarlett and azlar went down without firing, while nashgar fired once before being killed.


My team this time:

  • Domitia +18
  • Marjana +3
  • Grimm +20
  • Little John +20
  • Brynhild +19

Compared to last time, Marjana is up three talents

The trick here is to get through the mob waves by taking as little damage as possible, while also keeping specials charged for the boss wave. I probably could have been a little more liberal in my use of specials in the mobs, but I did get to the boss wave with all specials charged, and red, green, and purple diamonds on the board, thanks to a late, lucky combo. Also, my two heroes who are beyond Brynhild’s reach (Domitia and Marjana) were in decent shape, health-wise. Fired all specials and popped all diamonds, forming a blue diamond in the process. Just a few turns in and Azlar is dead while Nashgar is burning and near death. Unfortunately, he fired with his dying breath, putting Marjana in critical health. With only Scarlett left standing, however, I decided to let Domitia and Marjana go, and finish with Grimm, Bryhild, and LJ. Slower that way, especially with two greens, but I saved all my items, and the outcome was not in doubt.

Just one more barbarian emblem to get Nordri - my only blue elemental defense down hero - to +20. Rogue emblems saved for Marjana. Trainer hero to Guardian Falcon.


I usually need to use many items last level of Survival, since I have no healers and only 1 5* for total TP ~3800. But this time I managed to get to boss round with minimal damage, all heroes charged, and a sea of blue tiles for Jott. It looked like the Caribbean :rofl:

Took about 3 moves after that and game over.


Here is the team and victory pic because I forgot to take a team only pic:

In the 4* challenge Danzaburo was in place of LJ. It went well then but it was a tough call on who to use. I went with LJ this time. He is off color, but the mana slow would be helpful. Slowing the mana would put less strain on Gretel to control all 3 bosses.

The benefit of Danzaburo was survivability and his bottle special. Given I can’t control the bottle special I opted LJ.

Mobs were fine and I was liberal with specials as I had no healers. Made it to the bosses with no items used and all specials charged. Boss fight went okay. The LJ and Gretel combo stopped all bosses from getting off a single special. That’s good because their slash attacks were hard enough on my relatively fragile team. I used all my medium health pots and a bunch of mana to keep Gretel and LJ up as needed. Jackal died late to slash attacks and I was out of health pots.

Thank goodness for mana controllers. If those bosses were getting specials off too, I’d have been toast. I am working on Li Xiu costume currently, so that should help even more to control mana going forward.

Rogue emblems to Jackal (now +16 or +17). He is stopping at +18 and then Domitia will finally get some love. Barbarian to LJ who is now +3. I got him late and neglected him for a long time. Ever since getting his costume though I have really started to come around to him.

I am really glad I didn’t try this with 4 heroes. That would have been a hard fail. :laughing:



Even with no healers, this team made light work of the final stage!!

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Well done, everyone of you guys :slight_smile:

I managed the first two stages with

Brynhild tuck at 3/60)

(It´s all I have of the Class Requirement)

And some consumables, mostly health potions.

I am saving Emblems for now - I am at a stage, where I´m not quite sure yet. :slight_smile:


I used the same team as always:

  • Miki +18
  • Kage +11
  • Sif +16
  • Bryn 4/70
  • Guardian Kong 4/80

Sif is almost a win button on fights with bosses that do a ton of damage, so it was rather okay. Emblems thusly will go to her and Kage. Trainer stored for Tyr.


Tough trial. I only have 6 heroes viable. Brynhild took C.LiXiu’s place this time, but did not help too much against all that red.
Domitia +costume+10 - Miki 3.70 - Brynhild +3 - Gretel +5 - GM +10
A forced rainbow challenge (has it been done already? I’m quite new to such challenges :rofl:). Had to use a couple of healing potions and then a bomb and an axe to speed up things. Lost Gretel and GM when the battle was almost over.
Emblems went to Brynhild to bring her to +5, barbarian stored for my first Grimm who’s still at 4.50. Trainer to Grimm.


Thanksgiving prep took precedence this time around.

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Could not find the December post…
I can’t get thorough last stage… impossible without a healer… Barbarian and Rogue class looks like the weakest point at the moment :scream:

It change now, no date… it use Master in title, here is the thread:
:large_blue_circle: [Master Discussion] – Trials of Survival - Guide, Sharing & Discussion

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