🔵 [Nov 15, 2020] Trials of Fortitude – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Yeah she is amazing, hopeful SG will make a 5* of her soon…


4* challenge… :muscle:

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Alby out, 3rd Hansel in.

Other option


Decent start board on boss wave with mana charged and boost HP ready.

2 copy of Hansel are died… Hard not to use items, so used 1x axe, 5x heal, 4x minor mana.
With 3x Hansel but both Viv and Boril 99.999% Mana shield active :sweat_smile: :man_shrugging:


All emblem saved for now.
Emblems candidate,…
Druid: Gullinbursti or continue Vela
Clerics: Mist or Snow White (after max)
Trainer keep later for Evelyn as she is still low level.

Now, this is the latest 4* challenge, all completed from Mystism to Fortitude.
Mission has been completed. :+1: :muscle:


My team this time:

  • Vela +12
  • Caedmon +18
  • Rigard +c20
  • Gafar +18
  • Candy Skittleskull +18

Compared to last time, Vela is up 3 talents. I also switched in Caedmon for Melendor +c20 for some extra damage dealing, which was probably a mistake.

Nothing especially noteworthy in the mob waves. Entered the boss wave with everyone charged and a green diamond on the board. Focused on Horghall, because he has a crap-ton of HP, and if Viv starts healing him, this fight takes all day. It took a while, but I felled the great tree. I was never really in danger of losing the fight, but with only one healer on the board, I did have to use a few small healing potions when there weren’t enough purple tiles. Gotta remember that for next time. Gafar did squash healing at a few key times, once when taking out Boril, and once while finishing off Viv. He does make the fight easier once the meat shields - Horghall and Boril - are gone.

Vela gained a talent on a previous stage, so no movement with druid emblems. Also not enough cleric emblems for Vivica to gain a talent. Trainer hero to Almur, who reaches final ascension today. Once he’s maxed, I have enough sorcerer emblems to take him straight to +20, if I want to!


Didn’t use items.
No clip today.
Boring Viv whittle.

How about a 3* challenge for the next cycle? :wink:


wait, lemme get my 3*s to +20 first… then we’ll talk :stuck_out_tongue:


4* only challenge
No items used. Mist + Gullin were so helpful for this Trial (Mist’s enemy buff prevention, Gullin’s health boost). Expected a long battle due to mostly passive team. Pleasantly surprised it wasn’t.

Challenge Team:






Had a full arsenal ready for bosses. But the board simply denied using any items. :grinning: A few mana shields from Vivica / Boril but at the end only Vivica charged once.

Embelms on Vela & bench. Trainer on bench.

May the boards be with you! :grinning:


4* challenge without hansel wld have been tough


Gullinbursti +3 - Hansel +6ish - Caedmon +3 +cbonus - Melendor +3+cbonus - Vela +9

Benched Mist and Rigard (whom i used last time) for green stack who helped a lot to bring down Boril. It was quite easy: it’s one of the few trials where i have a nice team to counter bosses’ specials. And i had the luck that Boril’s cleric ability never activated on Hansel’s special. It’s just not the fastest of battles :joy:

Druid emblems to bring Vela to +10 and then i’ll move onto embleming more and more 4* (i’m talking about you, golden boar), cleric emblems to one between Mist and Hansel, i think. Trainer to 2nd Gulli. Reset tokens ridiculously disappeared as loot: yeah embleming will be easier and cheaper but you know what? Pay to reset those early errors, you fiend!! :expressionless:


4* challenge by default, as I have no qualifying leveled 5* for this challenge.

I do not really like this challenge, as it is boring, just keep chipping away at vivica untill the board finally turns favourable. But I managed.

Trainer to Caedmon, or Leonidas’ final levels.


Last 4* challenge! But at first glance, roster looked thin. The only Red I have is Noor, but no 5*s. Have the makings of a green stack with Mel, Caed, Skittles or yellow with Mist, Gulli, Lady Wooly. But experience is that, Boril counters Horghall so he has to be in. Can take in C. Sonya but gotta take Caed to counter enemy Boril. Also, from experience, Vivica can be a pain so Gafar should get in, which makes way for Rigs as a healer (oh how I miss costume Rigs attack buff!!). So though I like 4-1 or 3-2 stacks usually, this time my team is looking like cobbled together rainbow of specials! With no mana control …

The team:

I actually went with C Skittles for the first two rounds and swapped to Gafar for the final with Vivica. And now I’m running all colors except red which would actually be a strong color against the mobs and bosses!! Yeesh!!

(This had better work. This is the last 4* challenge. I can’t fail now!!)

Running 4 colors meant I got matches. It also meant I didn’t kill much with tiles. Mist really helped with her hit 3 and made snipers Caed and Gafar hit harder. Boss stage pretty much went per plan. Boril reflect helped Horghall suicide, opening up the left side to ghost tiles. Caed kept enemy Boril reflect in control as the hitters took him down. Had to use one mana potion on Rigs to keep Caed alive as long as enemy Boril was on. All bosses targeted only Caed in slash strikes :roll_eyes:

Vivica hung around for a bit but buffed sniper hits plus Gafar’s special stayed ahead of her heals. And poof!

Emblems banked. Trainer to Leonidas. Time to build my 4* challenge summary!

Special mention: To everyone who highlighted Renfeld. I do have his costume maxed but never used him. Time to give him a try! Thanks!


Brief story: That´s the best in my roster this trial. I was worried due to lack of healers, and focused on not taking a lot of damage during mob waves and charging Noor to gain sustain. I should have saved some battle items, but… There is no stop when start the bomb drop.

Druid emblems stored, Cleric emblems to Mist. Trainer for 2nd Caedmon.


First, I am very glad other people were keeping track so I knew this was the last quest of the 4* challenge. I am certain I would have gone in thinking “I may have done this one already … but can’t tell …”

Here is the team:

This is the only eligible heroes aside from stepping down to 3’s. Guillinbursti isn’t even to final ascension yet. This is the first trial where I literally didn’t have 5 maxed 4’s to use. That being the case there wasn’t much synergistic thoughts behind it, more here’s what I got. 1, 2, 3 let’s do this!

This trial was the easiest and fastest it has EVER been, Guillinbursti is a monster even at this level. I can’t wait to get him maxed! I have all the mats, so it’ll happen soon.

Guillinbursti is the only hero that was ever below 100% health for the bosses. Even then it never got below half. That relegated Melendor to basically a passive dispel only as I didn’t need the healing. Rigard was then purely tile damage as I brought antidotes.

I killed Horghall first. It was either him or Boril going in and I would let the tile layout decide. RNG said kill the :deciduous_tree: first. He suicided in my own Boril. Enemy Boril went next. Vic was last, as usual. It was a grind again with her, as usual, due to my lack of hitters but still much faster with the pig. I only used a couple of antidotes for Horghall’s A drop. Probably could have done this no items.

I was a little worried about Boril’s survivability because this is the first trial after I stripped him of emblems. He was +18. He held up just fine :+1:

Cleric emblems went to Elkanen who is now +12. Druid are stock piled as I couldn’t get Kadilen up a node. Here is where I am stuck too. Kadilen is on my D team, but doesn’t get much use. Guillinbursti when done will see a ton of use so I went to get him emblemed ASAP. Do I strip Kadilen, rework my D to exclude her, or exude patience and leave her but work on Guillinbursti? Strangely as a F2P I lack patience some times :man_shrugging:

Trainer went to Guillinbursti.

4* Challenge complete and I really liked it, probably more so then the Vanilla Challenge. I like seeing everyone else’s different teams with the weird hero sightings: Gadeirus, Danzaburo, Sumitomo, etc.

Back to the normal “bring the 5’s and pound this out” routine :laughing:




4* challenge

Gullinbursti with his overheals made this trial a breeze. I used Rigard for cleanses and Caedmon x2 for dispels and direct damage. No items used. This was a lot of :star_struck:. I look forward to your next challenge idea @Muchacho No pressure. :joy: Druid emblems to Master Lepus, cleric emblems saved for Ariel, trainer hero to Ariel (4/71). :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Need more info. How many emblems on Kadilen? Who could replace her on your defence? And would it be a full reset on Kadi?

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Well, let’s see. Here’s my D team:

That pic a little dated. I did put Elkanen at flank and he is +12. Richard also got emblems and is at +12. Kadilen is still at 5 with an off chance she is +6. Elkanen and Richard are my most viable tanks. I have Justice but don’t want to reset and mess with paladin emblems. I tried a few other D’s that performed worse:

I just don’t have a good keep me in diamond D (not the end of the world). Those pics also go through most the options I guess. I have a ton of 4’s, but I doubt they are better than the 5’s. I also have an unemblemed Azlar. I also have no options to get him emblems at this time so he is squishy and not viable IMO. :man_shrugging:

Let me know if you have other questions.

Thanks & :beers:

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@Muchacho I see you have a few options for green 5*. If you reset Kadi, you still have Elk +11 and Lianna +4.

In your case, I vote to reset Kadi. I’m thinking of giving emblems to Gullin too.

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Same team
But put Gade in for Viv, dont have alot of 4s for this one

Got the Big Boy first

Cademon and Mel kept there buffs at bay

Long game for this girl

Emblems will be for Kadilen
The rest saved


Im working on Kadilen in high hopes of getting the costume lol

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I know some people like her too without it. Use/like what you got I guess. :man_shrugging: I hope you do get the costume :crossed_fingers:


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