🔵 [Nov 15, 2020] Trials of Fortitude – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Replaced Grazul with Mist for @Muchacho’s 4* challenge.

Went in with this

Boards were nice early. Even got the one move double diamond

Luck dried up towards the end which meant Horghall went off just after borils riposte ended (really shouldve brought mana pots) so majority of arsenal got used up. Once horghall was gone some ghosting and Rigard had everyone back in top form and victory was mine.

Cleric emblems for Mist.
Trainer hero for Peters
Druid emblems will go into the pot for Gazzelle who I got yesterday. Already had over 600 as current druids on roster are Gobbler, second caedmon or Brienne.


Replaced Melendor with Elkanen 3/70:

Elkanen / Boril / cSonya / Gullinbursti +20 / Mist +20

So, one moment near the end-game was a little dicey, as the enemy Boril had his shield up and I could do nothing about it. But small manas to Gullinbursti was enough. One or two more small manas to get Mist up to block Boril.

Note to self: Take Caedmon instead of cSonya next time, you idiot! If Mist hasn’t kept Boril from firing, you’re going to need the dispell!

Cleric emblems will probably be banked — I’m maxing a second Mist, but would prefer some variety. Druids are also banked (have a second Gullinbursti, and if nothing better has come along, he might well get them — he’s THAT good). Green trainer is going to Gobbler, who I’m maxing to try out on Undead Horde wars.


Nice and easy

Rigard / Hansel/ Gullinbursti / Caedmon / Gafar

I used literally 1x minor mana.
Cleric emblems for White Rabbit and druid are being saved for now.


The team last time:

The team I used this time for the 4* challenge.

It was a little bit hard, as Melendor and Agwe aren’t levelled yet (well, Agwe won’t be max for a long time), but it was pretty easy controlling Horghall with Hansel.

Trainer to Zocc, clerical emblems have too many candidates and the druid ones will have to wait.

*Edit: I got confused and uploaded the same picture twice.:dizzy_face::sweat_smile:


4* challenge well ariel out. Also gaderius and awge out too. Served me well :+1:
No items used, happy days.

Druid in storage, cleric to areil trainer bryhild.


the last 4* emblem challenge for me!

Again, going with plan:

Rigard / Hansel 1/ Melendor normal / Caedmon normal / Hansel 2

expecting it to be easier than the vanilla challenge for this trial :stuck_out_tongue: from past experience with the Nature trial , 4/1 stacking gives a lot of punch to the tiles.

Targeted Horghall and Boril first with my twin Hansels. Bah, Boril’s cleric talent kicked in. Caedmon got hit by 2 slash attacks in succession, putting him in danger zone, so I had to heal with Rigard to keep him alive (trying not to use items). My gosh, I had forgotten how annoying this trial could be, with Horghall’s gigantic HP, Viv’s heal + cleanse + defense buff, Boril’s riposte. And the last two are Clerics too.

Horghall fires, putting Melendor in critical. Fine, use a tornado to charge up Mel for a heal and my twin Hansels for mana control. Used an antidote too as I had already used an item anyway.

Change of tactics. Sicced both Hansels on Boril, kill one at a time. Then pumped dead tiles into Boril to charge mana, and finished him off with a 3-match. Whew.

Both Viv and Horghall were about to charge, so charged my Hansels again with tiles and blasted both of them. Then focused on Horghall. Caedmon + Hansel 1 + Hansel 2 + tile cascade killed Groot before he could fire. Hah! only Vivica left!

Hansel 1 fires; Viv’s cleric talent does NOT kick in. Whoooo hooo.


Cleric emblems to 2nd Rigard, will be useful for the ongoing war. Druid emblems, banked for now. Green trainer to Francine.

And that is a wrap for me for the 4* challenge! thanks to @Muchacho for initiating. @Sarah2 and @TGW, reminder time!

Time to write-up my 4* quest experience here :wink:


Please tell me this is just your last completion of the 4* challenge, and not the end of your time playing the game… :cry:


I will use Alberich (9) - Mist (13) - Hansel (10) - Vela (9) - Gafar (14)

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aw! no worries I’m still here :wink: I meant it’s my last entry for the challenge lol!


Oh good!!! You had me worried for a minute there. So many people are either busy, or leaving, or dealing with personal stuff lately… if we lose too many more, I’m not sure I’ll be able to find the will to keep playing myself. :worried:


If I remember correctly, this is the last 4 star only challenge in the cycle. Anyway, I think this is the first time I failed in this challenge. :astonished:

And by failure I mean, I didn’t realize how less 4 stars I have in these two categories, unless someone counts my 4x Rigards. Anyway, so I had to include a 3 star hero for this challenge. And in my opinion, he was the MVP of this challenge. Introducing the mini Onatel - RenfeldC. Man, he kept all the bosses in check with amazing brilliance and Boril’s riposte did most of the damage. Caedmon was there to dispel Vivica and boss Boril. And Rigard and Woolerton for the regular heals. I used 3 small heal potions and one antidote against Horghall attack debuff. This was a battle of patience, because of the lack of hitters, but somehow I really enjoyed the challenge.

This is my usual team. :slight_smile:

@Muchacho Thanks for introducing this amazing challenge, really enjoyed it. It gave us all a chance to use some heroes who I have not used for a long time, and rediscovered how amazing every hero is when used properly. Now back to normal viewing and grind. :slight_smile:


Half levelled Rigard, Gullinbursi, Fully leveled Mist along side of Kvasir and Jarvur helped me through the first two stages.

There should be a price for Most Awkward Team :smile:

Good luck all :slightly_smiling_face::four_leaf_clover:


wow! Renfeld-C is amazing. ever since he was released, I’ve wanted to pull him… but he escapes me until now…

Yes, indeed he is amazing. I regularly use him in 3 star tournaments, especially rush attack where he is amazing. Did you ever imagine you would be saying the sentense “Renfled” and “escapes me” in the same sentence? :rofl: Imho he went from one of the most meh 3 stars to one of the most amazing one. :smiley:


Again totally overhauled the team using this time

More greens, so I expected the board to be awful

C- Briene was the main target for slashes she took all the healing pots and I forgot mana pot at the base, anyway once she fires, subsequent hits brought bosses HP down, Boril didn’t have solution to that, so he departed early.

Followed closely by the Groot

Then Hansel told everyone to hold back ''leave Vivic for me " cut mana damage etc

Cleric emblems some would go to the VIP C-Brienne since she has also proved valuable on even 11* Titan. Druids possibly to Zim or Alby depending on the quantity needed for the next node. Trainer saved.


indeed. I would keep 2 of Renfeld IF I had his costume. Thankfully, the costume comes with the base hero now, so I don’t need to keep and level a dupe in anticipation


good job finishing it with a 3* @Oliz ! costume Brienne is great indeed.


Yeah she is amazing, hopeful SG will make a 5* of her soon…


4* challenge… :muscle:

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Alby out, 3rd Hansel in.

Other option


Decent start board on boss wave with mana charged and boost HP ready.

2 copy of Hansel are died… Hard not to use items, so used 1x axe, 5x heal, 4x minor mana.
With 3x Hansel but both Viv and Boril 99.999% Mana shield active :sweat_smile: :man_shrugging:


All emblem saved for now.
Emblems candidate,…
Druid: Gullinbursti or continue Vela
Clerics: Mist or Snow White (after max)
Trainer keep later for Evelyn as she is still low level.

Now, this is the latest 4* challenge, all completed from Mystism to Fortitude.
Mission has been completed. :+1: :muscle:


My team this time:

  • Vela +12
  • Caedmon +18
  • Rigard +c20
  • Gafar +18
  • Candy Skittleskull +18

Compared to last time, Vela is up 3 talents. I also switched in Caedmon for Melendor +c20 for some extra damage dealing, which was probably a mistake.

Nothing especially noteworthy in the mob waves. Entered the boss wave with everyone charged and a green diamond on the board. Focused on Horghall, because he has a crap-ton of HP, and if Viv starts healing him, this fight takes all day. It took a while, but I felled the great tree. I was never really in danger of losing the fight, but with only one healer on the board, I did have to use a few small healing potions when there weren’t enough purple tiles. Gotta remember that for next time. Gafar did squash healing at a few key times, once when taking out Boril, and once while finishing off Viv. He does make the fight easier once the meat shields - Horghall and Boril - are gone.

Vela gained a talent on a previous stage, so no movement with druid emblems. Also not enough cleric emblems for Vivica to gain a talent. Trainer hero to Almur, who reaches final ascension today. Once he’s maxed, I have enough sorcerer emblems to take him straight to +20, if I want to!


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