🔵 [Nov 15, 2020] Trials of Fortitude – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

the last 4* emblem challenge for me!

Again, going with plan:

Rigard / Hansel 1/ Melendor normal / Caedmon normal / Hansel 2

expecting it to be easier than the vanilla challenge for this trial :stuck_out_tongue: from past experience with the Nature trial , 4/1 stacking gives a lot of punch to the tiles.

Targeted Horghall and Boril first with my twin Hansels. Bah, Boril’s cleric talent kicked in. Caedmon got hit by 2 slash attacks in succession, putting him in danger zone, so I had to heal with Rigard to keep him alive (trying not to use items). My gosh, I had forgotten how annoying this trial could be, with Horghall’s gigantic HP, Viv’s heal + cleanse + defense buff, Boril’s riposte. And the last two are Clerics too.

Horghall fires, putting Melendor in critical. Fine, use a tornado to charge up Mel for a heal and my twin Hansels for mana control. Used an antidote too as I had already used an item anyway.

Change of tactics. Sicced both Hansels on Boril, kill one at a time. Then pumped dead tiles into Boril to charge mana, and finished him off with a 3-match. Whew.

Both Viv and Horghall were about to charge, so charged my Hansels again with tiles and blasted both of them. Then focused on Horghall. Caedmon + Hansel 1 + Hansel 2 + tile cascade killed Groot before he could fire. Hah! only Vivica left!

Hansel 1 fires; Viv’s cleric talent does NOT kick in. Whoooo hooo.


Cleric emblems to 2nd Rigard, will be useful for the ongoing war. Druid emblems, banked for now. Green trainer to Francine.

And that is a wrap for me for the 4* challenge! thanks to @Muchacho for initiating. @Sarah2 and @TGW, reminder time!

Time to write-up my 4* quest experience here :wink: