🔵 [Nov 15, 2020] Trials of Fortitude – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Last 4* challenge! But at first glance, roster looked thin. The only Red I have is Noor, but no 5*s. Have the makings of a green stack with Mel, Caed, Skittles or yellow with Mist, Gulli, Lady Wooly. But experience is that, Boril counters Horghall so he has to be in. Can take in C. Sonya but gotta take Caed to counter enemy Boril. Also, from experience, Vivica can be a pain so Gafar should get in, which makes way for Rigs as a healer (oh how I miss costume Rigs attack buff!!). So though I like 4-1 or 3-2 stacks usually, this time my team is looking like cobbled together rainbow of specials! With no mana control …

The team:

I actually went with C Skittles for the first two rounds and swapped to Gafar for the final with Vivica. And now I’m running all colors except red which would actually be a strong color against the mobs and bosses!! Yeesh!!

(This had better work. This is the last 4* challenge. I can’t fail now!!)

Running 4 colors meant I got matches. It also meant I didn’t kill much with tiles. Mist really helped with her hit 3 and made snipers Caed and Gafar hit harder. Boss stage pretty much went per plan. Boril reflect helped Horghall suicide, opening up the left side to ghost tiles. Caed kept enemy Boril reflect in control as the hitters took him down. Had to use one mana potion on Rigs to keep Caed alive as long as enemy Boril was on. All bosses targeted only Caed in slash strikes :roll_eyes:

Vivica hung around for a bit but buffed sniper hits plus Gafar’s special stayed ahead of her heals. And poof!

Emblems banked. Trainer to Leonidas. Time to build my 4* challenge summary!

Special mention: To everyone who highlighted Renfeld. I do have his costume maxed but never used him. Time to give him a try! Thanks!