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My thought was he already has a costume bonus and if I go attack path at least half the nodes would still boost his HP and D. Think that makes him too squishy still? I know someone made a tool to see the path options on heroes, not if I could only find it …


I’m not lucky enough to have his costume (yet), so it’s tough for me to say. Personally, I primarily use him for the mana cut, so I’d still be inclined to go all def/HP to maximize his chances to fire. His tile damage will remain naturally high… just not ridiculously so. That’s a playstyle preference, though. You could definitely make him a tile damage monster, and his hit to all is a pretty good wallop as well. He’d be a boss in rush attack tourneys.


Grimm+6 Obakan 2/60 Nordri+20 Gato+20 Colen+7

Nuke Nuke Nuke used 1 super healing potion to get to Boss wave :slight_smile:

Yeah i just don’t have the heroes for this but emblems are worth the atomic power.


Awesome job @NikolayVKazakov!


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wow! yeah if Obakan is a 5*, but he was only 2/60… good job! and nuking is a very valid tactic :wink:

Same team as last time:

Disqualified for 4* challenge: mokarr +6, elena 2/60. On the bench: hu tao and little John.

With this team red and blue tiles hit hard

But bosses hit hard too. Managed with these survivors, but bo items used

Trainer to Leonidas (4/71, last levels take forever…)
Nope, went to second boldtusk when I mindlessly fed my heroes :joy:


Got a bad board and therefore no heal or silence. But I am not using those items unless Godzilla shows up!


Probably the same team as last. Emblems will go to Magni and Kage, trainer saved for later.


That’s what I’m talking about! Well done! :clap::clap::clap:

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My team was

Fenrir 4/13
Hu Tao 4/70
Elena 3/70
Boldtusk +15
Nordri +20

Currently I do not have any 4 :star2: barbarians, but I will be working on them soon. After I am done with Fenrir, Grimm Jott and Frank are waiting. Also Elena and Fenrir are my only 5 :star: heroes, both fighters. So they are filling up for barbarians.

I lost the unmaxed heroes and HuTao. HuTao was killed with full Mana. His blinding is very helpful in during the boss specials. Elena fired her riposte only once but Azlar was already dead by then. I ghosted tiles and waited out the riposte on Nashgar. Also used a dragon attack when the tiles were bad on board, just to keep the damage going.

Trainer for Fenrir, Fighters emblems too for Fenrir when he is ready. Barbarian emblems in storage for whoever will be my first epic barbarian, probably Grimm(still at 1/1).


Team last time

Team this time

I should of put in Nordri too @Oliz
I got excited when this happened

Then i got Really excited with this

And then, after the gem went off, Elena was all alone

She had no chance

Fighter emblems for Tyr
Rest saved


4* challenge

The team:

Picked Nordri to complete a 3-2 stack. Was worried about Elena. Wanted a dispeller but C. Caed is wearing the wrong clothes. Oh well.

Plan was to line up lots of blue tiles and nuke em with the Nordri-Grimm-Jott whammy. And BT buff if possible. And for once … it went all to plan! Well mostly.

No stupid cascades at the pre-Boss mob stage to mess up my carefully laid plan. Entered boss stage with all specials up except Colen around 75% mana and a blue diamond but only about 4-5 scattered blue tiles. Played the board a bit to get more blue tiles but they were scarce. Got to about 7-8 of them by the time bosses were above half mana and then let em rip.

Azlar and Nash died in one hit with Elena close to dead with Colen’s DoT. Out of board tiles, so played the board a bit as the fire damage killed Elena. Yay done!

Er… no not done. Elena revive. No matter. Colen’s DoT killed her.

Revives again. DoT kills again.

Revives again. DoT kills again.

Revives again. Wtf! Throw some random tiles at that 1hp and feel thankful that Colen has a 6 turn DoT!!

Finally she is dead. And stays dead!

Emblems banked, trainer to Valeria. One last 4* challenge to go!


Quite annoying, but I love when they have DoT on, or Minions waiting…to keep them dead!


When I saw those tiles…I was oops! With elemental def down + Grimm s it’s boom! Nicely done :+1:t3:

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