🔵 [Nov 11, 2020] Trials of Strength – Guide, Sharing & Discussion

4* challenge

The team:

Picked Nordri to complete a 3-2 stack. Was worried about Elena. Wanted a dispeller but C. Caed is wearing the wrong clothes. Oh well.

Plan was to line up lots of blue tiles and nuke em with the Nordri-Grimm-Jott whammy. And BT buff if possible. And for once … it went all to plan! Well mostly.

No stupid cascades at the pre-Boss mob stage to mess up my carefully laid plan. Entered boss stage with all specials up except Colen around 75% mana and a blue diamond but only about 4-5 scattered blue tiles. Played the board a bit to get more blue tiles but they were scarce. Got to about 7-8 of them by the time bosses were above half mana and then let em rip.

Azlar and Nash died in one hit with Elena close to dead with Colen’s DoT. Out of board tiles, so played the board a bit as the fire damage killed Elena. Yay done!

Er… no not done. Elena revive. No matter. Colen’s DoT killed her.

Revives again. DoT kills again.

Revives again. DoT kills again.

Revives again. Wtf! Throw some random tiles at that 1hp and feel thankful that Colen has a 6 turn DoT!!

Finally she is dead. And stays dead!

Emblems banked, trainer to Valeria. One last 4* challenge to go!