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Fast - Faster - Trials of Strength

Trainer for Baldur.
Emblems not yet assigned.
No reset token.


Changed and shuffled the team this time to try out this combo👇🏼

Some items were needed only at the mob waves ( 1 healing pot and 3 minor mana pots) but at the boss wave, it was amazingly quick!

Trainer to Colen and emblems saved for now.


I tried to make the 4* star challenge you proposed, so I had to change Magni and Azlar to Grimm and Nordri.

My team was:

Boldtusk 4.18 - Gormek +11 - Grimm 4.48 - Hu Tao +1 - Nordri +1

I had to use one time stop to avoid one round of enemies’ attacks in the last round and some mana potions to kill Nashgar and Azlar first. In the end, Elena released her attack but I didn’t care, as she was about to die.

The trainer and the barbaric emblems will go to Gravemaker, and the fighter ones will be kept.

Good luck everyone.:hugs:


4* challenge, got quite a few barb and fighters in the 5* miki mokar poseidon kingston+10 out.
Used 7 small mana lost grimm as they picked on him not to bad though.

Barbarian in Storage fighter for Kingston trainer falcon.


4* Challenge @Muchacho

Completed on both my main & alt accounts. Strangely, it was easier with my alt account, although I had similar line ups.

Double Grimm… and double Boldie, felt like cheating lol. No items used.

Went a bit crazy with health pots, red & blue tiles were hard to come by. Again double Grimm - awesome. I wonder if I should level another Grimm :thinking:?

Looking forward to the next trial!


4* challenge…

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Delilah, Magni and Miki out,… BT, Sumitomo and Jott in…

Other Options:


Decent start board, all mana charged.

Strugle a bit because of Elena revive and counter attack ON… Azlar did not cast at all because of heavy blues tiles on left side… Used 3 minor mana and 2 bombs.


Both emblem keep in inventory. Trainer keep later for Shale (he is about 4.30).


4* challenge
Nice to use Gormek again. Used two small antidotes and one timestop on the bosses. Might swap out mana pots for health pots next time.

My Regular Team:

My Challenge Team:




My team this time:

  • Poseidon +18
  • Magni 4^80
  • Boldtusk +c20
  • Grimm +20
  • Little John +20

Compared to last time, Poseidon is up 3 talents and Grimm is up one.

I think this crew has got this trial on lockdown. Just can’t see much of anyone else breaking in, at this point. Mob waves go down very quickly. Was even able to fire and recharge LJ a couple of times to speed things along, since there were plenty of green tiles. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a red diamond ready, but there weren’t many red tiles on the board, so I held that for a while. Focused on Boss Elena to avoid riposte. Boss Nashgar fired once following a cascade, but it wasn’t even worth cleansing. Sometime right after Elena fell, Azlar took down Magni on a regular hit. Not sure if I wasn’t paying attention or what, but it made me kind of miffed. Magni still turbocharged my blue tiles from the afterlife, though, and nary another boss fired his special before the trial was complete. No items used. Done and dusted.

Barbarian emblems to Nordri, who I’m trying to beef up for Mythic Titans, as he’s my only blue defense down hero. Honestly not sure what to do with fighter emblems. Could take Poseidon all the way to +20 and get the attack node on level 20. Could also start Elena or Magni. Would also consider buffing another three-star for tournaments and events. For now, I’m holding. Trainer hero to Shadereave.


Continuing with the 4 star only challenge.

I used the following team. This was a no brainer because all the bosses are squishy and red. So blue was the colour of choice. Defense debuff from double Grimm and Jott tile buff, along with BT attack buff and LJ mana debuff meant that not only did the bosses never fired but they also died very quickly. Before entering the boss stage, I tried to bring as many blue tiles on the board, so that helped. Jott was definitely the MVP here. No items were required, all emblems and trainer heroes hoarded for now. :slight_smile:


I beat it doing the 4* challenge. Here was the team:

Ever since I got Gretel this challenge became easier. :+1:. She was mandatory for me along with my only healing option in Boldtusk

I decided to keep Grimm in because he is strong on the bosses even if he is weak in the mobs. Colen I kept for high tile damage, color stacking, and the fire can prevent the obnoxious revives without having to do anything. I have this hero, and Azlar, that are maxed and rarely used but some people love. I guess just trying to prevent them getting too much rust.. Finally picked Hu Tao to stack yellow with Gretel and, as those who have read my other marginally coherent ramblings lately, I am on a big kick with blind heroes lately :+1:.

Gormek was benched as I had a D dropper in Grimm and didn’t think he added enough otherwise. Little John I strongly considered for assisted mana control, but being weak on bosses I opted to load up on mana pots and roll with Gretel. Apparently c-Caedmon was an option. I learned this after the fact, but probably wouldn’t have gone with him anyways :laughing: (that’s what I will say at least). I can cleanse with antidotes and he is weak on bosses.

Mobs went fine. When I killed the last mob guy before the bosses it somehow triggered a massive tile cascade so I essentially started with a whole new board as if it were turn 1 in a raid :rofl:.

Bosses went fine. BT up, Grimm for D down, and “give her”. Hu Tao made some otherwise strong slash attacks miss. Nashgar fired once and died first. Azlar died next without firing (the story of his life :laughing:). Elena fired when she was almost died from a mini cascade. She was so close I could shoot into her riposte to finish though without any real concerns. :+1:

I forgot a victory shot so you’ll just need to take my word for it.

Trainer to Guillinbursti.

Fighter emblems building for Magni’s next node, but part of me wonders if Hu Tao has earned some? :thinking: Probably Magni still…

Barbarian I need to decide as I got Gretel to +18. Here are the options I am weighing:

1 - Bring Gormek, Grimm, and Gretel from 18-20

2 - Start c-LJ to +18 as he has been getting more love from me too. Not quite AoE blind level love, but love :laughing:

3 - I guess start Azlar. This is a distant third. I rarely use Azlar and it doesn’t seem worth the cost. Granted I may use him more if he has talents, but Incould be boosting heroes I currently use all the time above. He is my only red 5* though. :man_shrugging:

Input welcome.

Good luck to those still trialing!



Jott is a monster in this trial!

You made Shadereave look like a cool must-have hero @sleepyhead!

That was amazingly fast @Olmor. I am glad I didn’t blink during it, I’d have thought my video skipped. :laughing:

Nice @Oliz. Nodri, Grimm, Jott is a brutal combo on this mission (or a red titan)

Another Sumitomo sighting @jinbatsu @Dudeious.Maximus! :+1:

If both BT’s are active does it stack @Sarah2? That would be nuts.

Cool Lancelot sighting @SamMe!

Doesn’t Grimm do that too? Granted elemental drop vs general D drop. You and @ThePirateKing have me leaning towards option 2 for my barbarian emblems.


@Muchacho heehee I’m glad Shadereave acquitted himself well…

Re Nordri vs. Grimm. I use both (well actually, Isarnia instead of Grimm) as the elemental defense down and the regular defense down stack. Cue insane amounts of damage :wink:

d’oh all the posts made me remember that I have two maxed Grimms!! Maybe bringing a 2nd Grimm would have been more useful than Sir Lancelot or Hu Tao, idk… would certainly kill the bosses faster!


Nice and easy as most times.

2x Boldtusk / Jott / Miki / Grimm

I had blue diamond ready for the bosses EACH difficulty so they all died very fast :smiley:


:point_up: This, pretty much. I should have said “blue elemental defense down” for clarity. I really would rather have more attack for Nordri in events and tourneys, but the def/HP is better to survive higher titans (and maybe this trial one day).

Well, I already took Gormek and Grimm to +20 also, and I understand Gretel can be squishy, so it’s not a bad idea for her, either. So option 1 also gets a rec from me. Still, LJ is quite useable, even in raids, at +20 along the def/HP path, and I think that is also a good use of emblems (especially for me, as I was really lacking in green for a long time).

FWIW, I also opted against embleming Azlar as my only maxed legendary barbarian. I like Azlar more than some, and I think the boost would make him more usable, but the cost/benefit ratio is still too high for me. I can max all four of my three-star barbarians to +20 for the same cost of taking Azlar to something like +15. The extra oomph in three-star events and raid tourneys is worth more to me than a more usable Azlar.


Grimm, Miki, plus 3 more. Done easily…

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My thought was he already has a costume bonus and if I go attack path at least half the nodes would still boost his HP and D. Think that makes him too squishy still? I know someone made a tool to see the path options on heroes, not if I could only find it …


I’m not lucky enough to have his costume (yet), so it’s tough for me to say. Personally, I primarily use him for the mana cut, so I’d still be inclined to go all def/HP to maximize his chances to fire. His tile damage will remain naturally high… just not ridiculously so. That’s a playstyle preference, though. You could definitely make him a tile damage monster, and his hit to all is a pretty good wallop as well. He’d be a boss in rush attack tourneys.


Grimm+6 Obakan 2/60 Nordri+20 Gato+20 Colen+7

Nuke Nuke Nuke used 1 super healing potion to get to Boss wave :slight_smile:

Yeah i just don’t have the heroes for this but emblems are worth the atomic power.


Awesome job @NikolayVKazakov!


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wow! yeah if Obakan is a 5*, but he was only 2/60… good job! and nuking is a very valid tactic :wink:

Same team as last time:

Disqualified for 4* challenge: mokarr +6, elena 2/60. On the bench: hu tao and little John.

With this team red and blue tiles hit hard

But bosses hit hard too. Managed with these survivors, but bo items used

Trainer to Leonidas (4/71, last levels take forever…)
Nope, went to second boldtusk when I mindlessly fed my heroes :joy:


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