🔵 [Nov 10, 2019] Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

LOL always a good problem!


Again, top many healers, only Li Xiu as attacker. Last time, I said I will make Elkanen my new project, but since I did not finish Horghall, I am not any closer to win third stage of this trial, so I skipped it and farmed some feeders using the WE. Also will put Boril into the trials of piety project, to get a rainbow team.


This is probably my easiest trials. I used one bomb by reflex to reduce attack score, probably didn’t even need that.

Rigard +20 / Wilbur +20 / Leonidas +1 / Agwe +0 / Joon 3/70

Joon replaced Wu Kong 4/70 from last time. Plenty of firepower with the three hitters. Mostly poured damage into Joon with Wilbur active to take down Boril, then it was easy. I got several “mega-cascades” in the course of the battle, which didn’t end up doing too much damage from the riposte.

Hu Tao is almost finished and took the trainer. Assuming I get darts sometime soon, Joon will presumably get emblems. Cleric emblems are banked, as I can’t see embleming Agwe or Boril at the moment.


Finished but I don’t like this one. I used to have to go mono yellow but now I have Rigard and Buchan if that counts. So I ran Rigard +19, Vivica 3.70, joon+9, wu, li xiu both max. Wu helps a lot. I almost cleared the last stage bosses fast but they barely survived, fired and healed plus boril went off.
Even with joon hitting hard it’s not enough and li xiu is nothing. Having 2 healers in Rigard and Viv is great but no debuffer. This is why I want elkanen. He attacks and fits here.

No yellow project right now as I decided to skip going for neith and hold till Christmas event. Kadilen ate the trainer and a few others to get to 4.76. Those last 10 levels are insane…4200 Plus per level…ughhh


No snipers. Thanks Wu Kong :speak_no_evil:


Did the first two this is defo the worst one for me

Mnessnse Ariel 2/20 bane gan ju hawkmoon
Used a few arrows n axes and small heal
Emblems to be stored away as they are the only monk n clerics I have well I got a boril at 1/1


My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

I used 2 healing pots, 2 super mana pots (just to charge Hatter and Jabbar again) and 2 arrows. Vivica and Rigard clean up everything, Hatter stole Boril’s riposte and put it on Rigard. Sidebar-wouldn’t that be a freakishly scary hero: a riposte + team cleanse. I may keep going with Vivica up the Cleric tree. I’ve decided that Jabbar will get the monk emblems when he gets maxed. No reset emblem for me.


Same team as last time — possibly more emblems on Hansel, but i’m not sure. This is one of the easier ones for me. Use mana control on Joon and take him out, then switch to Tuck. Let Boril fire at will then dispel him. Lost Hansel near the end — must not have been paying attention and he got some slash attacks, but by then the damage was done and I finished easily.


Beat stages one and 2 with both main and alt #1. Here is who I took:


For this trial my main has always leaned heavily on the holy side. Having Li Xiu at +11 definitely helped for both survivability and overall attacking power. Although the true power of this team imo is being able to cut the mana and buy about three turns if I can fire both Li and Leonidas at the same time as them and Mnesseus were key in keeping both Viv and Boril suppressed. Monk emblems are being stored on my main, Cleric went to Hawkmoon who is at +9 iirc.


This one of the few trials between the two profiles that I actually have a rainbow team for this. Jabbar, Mnesseus, and Bane were the MVPs of this trial for me as whenever Viv was about to go off, I fired Jabbar to keep the health gained to a small amount and Mnesseus dispelled the defense increase and the riposte. Stage one was easy enough as both bosses were yellow.

Stage two I had to be more methodical as i really had to watch the mana of both bosses as I had no means of mana suppression on this profile. And with no spare target to safely dispel the counter attack meant a few potions along with Hawkmoon’s healing had to be used. Cleric emblems are being saved for Mnesseus #1, while monk emblems are going to Bane.


Same team as last time, with a few more emblem ranks (was 7, 8, and 9 on Wilbur, Tarlak, and Ma, respectively).

  • On the bench: Ariel, Elk 3.70, Grazul 3.70, Rigs, Valeria, Wu, Li Xiu, Agwe, Boril, Jabbar
  • Up and coming: Wilbur 2.34

Light on the screenshots today. I got to the final bosses with everyone charged except Ma North. I was trying to get past it without using items.

Narrator: “He did, in fact, have to use items.”

Joon killed Gafar 3 times before Joon himself fell. Boril killed Hansel twice (yes, with regular attacks) before I was able to take him down.

Tuck was no trouble without his backup.

Trainer to Onatel, emblems to Ma and Tarlak (Wilbur waits until T gets his next rank).


Almost the same team, although I added Wilbur. Wu, Li, Boril, Rigard, Wilbur.
It was smoother than I expected with the distinct lack of hitters. But when Boril wasn’t up, Wilbur was. I used 2 dragon attacks, 1 bomb attack and some small/medium health.
Tuck was the last one standing although I’d have preferred him to be the 1st one down. All in all the board was nice to me.

Oh and the trainer is going to be chilling in the SH for awhile. Let him get all nice and relaxed before I feed him away. He will never see it coming :joy:


Last time:

Not much changed. A few levels and emblems. Dramatic reenactment because I forgot during. Note to future self: this is doable without nuking but it’s a slog of a fight, so be sure to block out time.

I hope future me has plenty of time. Present me didn’t and didn’t care.

Not enough emblems to get Vivica to +6 which will be her “final” node for me. Probably should work on Gafar for the future.


Same team as last time

With 2 healers + Wilbur, survival is not a problem :rofl:
Used Gafar always on Joon and targeted him to take him out ASAP.

Boril fell down first when a diamond was created by a cascade :man_shrugging:
Joon was down soon after and finished Tuck with Gafar.

Easy peazy! :partying_face:

Emblems for VVK
Emblems for Li once maxed (or any 5* monk if i get one)
Trainer for Li


Elkanen replaced wrong-color-Agwe 3.60 since last time…made things quite easier. Though Elk was the only dead one in the end. :rofl: Only had to use some attack items.


What an awesome board!!

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I actually remembered to capture an image of my team. Once you win, you can’t go back and I always seem to forget. Well, here it is.

That’s the same team as last time. I looked at swapping but got no synergy and lost color stacking. So stayed as is.

Well, my hitter (joon) died early. I did this late at night after the event had just spawned. I wasn’t fully functioning. I had to use two revival scrolls - that is not common. So a mixture of sloppy play and bad boards but I made it through. Emblems now sitting in the inventory.


@MD-DC Gafar and Jabbar make this trial a heck of a lot more tolerable as if you time the health block right before they fire, the health will be next to none that is gained. Jabbar is pretty tanky so he can easily handle the riposte damage. Gafar I cannot say as I do not have him. But leveling and embleming Gafar is a darn good idea.


My team this time:

  • Rigard +20
  • Li Xiu +14
  • Boril +6
  • Vivica 3^55
  • Leonidas 2^60

Compared to last time, Li Xiu is up four talents, Boril is up three talents, and Vivica is once again on the rise after maxing Onatel (up from 3^40).

With so many healers, the mob waves aren’t really difficult, but they are a grind. The difficult thing with riposte is knowing when to fire specials, since you aren’t 100% in control of when the mobs will off themselves, so you don’t know that you have time to recharge. I thought I was going to be able to enter the boss wave with blue and yellow diamonds on the board, but I had a pesky corner mobling that I couldn’t get tiles lined up under, and I ended up triggering a cascade that popped them both. Nevertheless, I had all specials charged for the bosses.

Same strategy as always - try to kill one of the flanks (the board dictated it was Boril this time) without charging Friar Tuck any more than needed. Save Leo and Li Xiu to cut Friar’s mana, and then when a heal is inevitable, open the arsenal. Viv took one for the team, riposting Joon’s special, but dying in the process. Had Friar Tuck and Joon at half health or less when the bombing started. Five axes, two dragons, and three bombs - pretty standard for me on this trial, unfortunately - to take them out. Then, I just finished Boril with tile damage. Nothing I can really do with my roster to make this one easier until I give Leo the orbs, and I’m not sure when that will happen.

Emblems step up both Li Xiu and Boril another node. Trainer hero goes to Vivica, who will be stuck at 3^70 waiting on darts soon.


Went on with:

  • Rigard +18
  • Wilbur +14
  • Hansel +2
  • Wu Kong +3
  • Leonidas 2/16

Not even remotely a threat, Hansel drained Boril and Wilbur raised survivablity. Both of them got bumped up a rank as a reward.

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Last time:

This time:

Not many items needed…

Emblems stocked, trainer was eaten by Drake.


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