🔵 [Nov 08, 2020] Trials of Justice – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!


Nice job
Who would you say is best for defence tank (either war or raids). Telluria or Heimdall?
Would you take emblems off Telluria to feed Heimdall?

Back with another instalment of the 4* only challenge suggested by the masterming @Muchacho. :slight_smile:

I used the following team, I just went full Wulolo. Nothing much to say here. I set up a good board before entering the boss stage, and the rest was pure desctruction power of Wu+BT attack buff, combined the with normal and elemental debuffs against red tiles. I was determined not to use any items, hence Sumle was sacrificed, it was practically won at that point, Joon just needed a little nudge after he fired his special. All emblems and trainer hero hoarded for now. :slight_smile:


Getting to this one pretty late. I wanted my monster chest to reset. :laughing:

The team:

The bench:

Full disclosure, until I actually read the costume thing on BT and Tibs I had Li Xiu in and was deciding which 3* to bring :rofl:. Good thing I looked closer I guess :+1:. I wish they would make it more clear for us lazies.

This actually went surprisingly easy thanks to the two costume heroes and, of course, The Wu. There wasn’t a whole lot of synergy considerations beyond this is who I have and all options are better than Li Xiu :laughing:.

Healing was big on the mob waves. Because of that largely uneventful although I think I did burn a health pot or two in them :thinking:. Got to the bosses and charged BT, shot Tibs and Sonya, and turned on ( :kissing_heart:) Cyprian. Finally I fired The Wu and let the tiles fly. Even though I didn’t really have stacked colors the tile damage between BT and The Wu boosts, combined with Tibs D drop, was astounding.

Richard died firsts. I then lost Cyprian by not paying attention ( :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:). I was a little nervous with that as riposte is big against these bosses for me, but the tile damage held through. Joon fired a couple times and Justice fired once. A few antidotes for that and we’re set. All in all a decent team and considering my 5’s I may only swap one hero out next time. The Wu is king for this. I am glad I finally remembered that because otherwise I kept picking Li Xiu and making this a lot harder (10th times the charm :laughing:).

I was in a hurry so I didn’t check my emblem count. If I have enough then Joon and Richard are going up. Trainer to Elkanen (77/80). He’s almost done then he is getting a lot of stored emblems because I have no one else. Because I allocated emblems for attack instead of raid D he may become my strongest hero … After him is Guillinbursti who I am SUPER pumped for! A yellow healer, hallelujah!


It’s cool seeing so many wrecking ball teams like @Circe. It’s like seeing a train coming, you easier stop it first or you’re toast. @Oliz had cool one too with Tarlak.

I think @Robkirky1 gets the BAMF award for this trial using those 3’s! Congrats, that’s awesome!

Hope you enjoyed it @Sarah2. The point was to remember those forgotten bench warmers are useful :wink:. Plus it’s not always fun to win with no effort IMO.

:rofl:. You the man @Noble_Weasel. I hope you get that costume so everyone cried broken and you can be ahead of the curve! :crossed_fingers:

A lot of similar teams with Sumle, Guardian Falcon, and The Wu. Cool combo! (I assume as I only have The Wu :laughing: My roster is bush league apparently)


Back to 4* challenge. :smile:

It is a tough one for me without BT’s costume. Used 4 bombs, 1 timestop + smaller items on the final bosses.

Probably my first time using Costume Boril. I don’t use Sumle much either (I prefer Colen). Wu Kong is a must-have on this Trial imo.

My Regular Team:

Challenge Team:




Oh I didn’t knew there was a 4* challenge. Deffo will do next trial.

For this one I went Wilbur, C. Azlar+19, Joon, c. Azlar, C. Boldie.

Had some problems when the three bosses fired at once and Bold couldn’t heal that much neither clean status. Used one Super Antidote.

Stored Emblems & trainer. Just finished maxing isarnia and need a break :rofl:

Good job you all. Queens and Tarlaks are always pleasing and beautiful to watch.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: thanks, but i wouldnt say i beat it with 3*s, as i bombed the hell out of them, but i will try it again next time :+1:


I could level a forth Bjorn and try that next time with Chef BT :rofl:

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When in doubt Bjorn it out! :ok_hand:


I finished this trial, but I believe I did use a 5* or two. So no qualifying for the 4* challenge this time. Sorry guys for letting you down on that front! Just wish they didn’t always do these trials on war days.

I’m still not sure. Telly if supported by fast damage dealers, Tootie if you have average mana or even slower flanks. I also have Roostley waiting for palablems.

Toot can be used everywhere, while Telly is only a tank. She even didn’t make it to my 6th war team anymore, since she’s so terrible on attack.


100% agreed with this sentiment, which is why I stripped her bare because no point putting emblems on a hero who is only good as defensive tank but nothing else. SG should’ve just nerfed the mana slow but not touch the healing. Previously she was still serviceable as a healer, but now she’s a complete joke. I’m just glad I’m fortunate enough to have a few other tank options, but I really feel for the c2p/f2p crowd who basically just got steamrolled by the last nerf. :-1::-1:

On topic…

Since Telly is no longer useful on offense, benched her and just went for damage output without worrying about color:

Chef BT, Richard, cTibs, Clarissa, Jabberwock

Atk up + def down + atk down + elemental link = awesome. 5 taps later and Joon was almost gone, popped a purple diamond and boom he went. Richard got Richard-ed, and Justice got swiped to death. Used a bomb on the last mob wave to save a purple diamond.

Emblems brought Richard to +18, trainer saved.

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Agree I have 2 x Telluria.
I now only use her as my raid defence and war defence tank. Supported in flank by Clarissa and Jean-Francois and wings C.Mangni and C.Joon.
She doesn’t get used in offence.
But now I have just maxed out Heimdall and thought would I be better using him in Tank position …