🔵 [Nov 08, 2020] Trials of Justice – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge

The team:

Benched Sonya, C Tibs and Cyprian so I could run a 4-1 stack. So of course I got more blue and purple gems than ever before :roll_eyes: But the Wilbur-BT-Falcon team is a great setup for a big hit. It looks like you are losing ground and then bam… all the enemies drop dead in one hit! Well Joon and Justice died in one go. Richard needed a little nudge to topple over. And that’s the game. :white_check_mark:

No items used. No heroes lost. Emblems saved. Trainer to Valeria. No reset. Devs have lost the red shiny button. It’s gone to the land of lost socks and keys.