🔵 [Nov 04, 2020] Trials of Shadows – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Well WE is free, you can always try. You’ll either be pleasantly surprised and pull it off or know where you need to get to for strength. :+1: There is no real penalty for losing and it’s your game, so if it’s fun to try, then try!

If you post your roster of eligible heroes early for the next one on Sunday I am sure people will help.


Sounds like the player has the mettle but lvl 27 is the limitation, the player needs to have attained level 30 to be able to complete the last stage of the trial.


Did you have her costumed? In costume, she’s a cleric and unavailable for this trial. At one time, if you had a costumed hero in tournament defense, you couldn’t switch them out of costume for anything until the tournament was over. I thought they fixed that, but maybe not.

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Yes, I have her costume and the cleric is in the tournament; exactly, I thought they fixed that, but apparently the issue has resurfaced.

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I have 7 jackals now. :wink:

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Did anyone say 4* challenge? I finished the quest with a 3* hero on my team :joy:


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