🔵 [Nov 04, 2020] Trials of Shadows – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Following my plan again for this one, because I have basically no other choices:

  • Sabina is my only eligible healer so she comes in, despite being weak to one of the bosses and the mobs;
  • Scarlett for speed and attack debuff;
  • Li Xiu for mana cut;
  • Danzaburo as a strong color;
  • Kelile to fill out the team, the DoT will help at least

Just like previous Trials of Shadows, this one was fairly uneventful and long - attack debuffs AND dodges on both sides tend to do that. I was doing this also during a work call (yes I am terrible). Enemy Skittles as usual died first as the only non-dodger among the bosses. Then Domitia, being in the middle and getting hit by a lot of tiles (plus a few specials: Kelile’s DoT helped here!).

Poor Danza eventually died to boss attacks… then Scarlett bit it from a tile cascade. Yay!

Saving Rogue emblems for Francine. Sorcerers might go to Skittles, as I have two Sabina’s at +20 and no other 4* or 5* Sorcerers.

@TGW reminder time :wink: