🔵 [Nov 04, 2020] Trials of Shadows – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

We were all new players once upon a time, and unable to complete various trials, or events until we had the hero roster / could make the battle items to do so. I’m sure you’ll get the next one @Sithstress - this game is a marathon not a sprint.

Leaving space to share my team for the 4* Hero challenge.

I had two healers but still had to use health pots. 4* Challenge :ballot_box_with_check:


Oh, goodie, another Trial! :partying_face: Only to discover how few Rogues and Sorcerers I still have :sweat_smile: I accept the challenge, nonetheless! It certainly makes it easier to pick a team, since I don´t have to chose, I just go with the five I have.

My team for for the first two stages can be

Scarlett (snoozing at 3/60, wondering why I left here there.)

And, consumables like always, like Arrows and Potions, and…!

The last stage will have to wait until I grow stronger.

Hm, @Sithstress - Good question; I guess the ‘system’ wants to encourage you to level up, and maybe the total team power one can ‘have’ before reaching higher levels makes the challenge too hard? I´m fairly new to the game too, though, so I apologize for the lack of right terms :blush:


4* challenge

Was ridiculously easy till last boss stage. Then all yellow and blue tiles disappeared. Had to use a few mana potions and antidotes to keep the heroes going. Lost Danza but basically it was all Kiril and Jackal.

Rogue emblems to Alice. Sorcerer banked. Trainer to Valeria.


Completed with Kiril, Quintus, Domitia, Guardian Jackal and Li Xiu.
Used a purple banner in the last round


Scarlett +19 / Peters +18 / Brynhild +19 / Lady of the Lake (3/70) / Kelille

Very easy. I didn’t have amazing boards but they were “ok”. No loss of life. I badly want 4 tonics and a Tome for LOTL, I want her max and +20 emblems so much

Still no more reset token. Have they been discontinued in Trials?
It seems SG give with one hand but then sneakily take with the other hand. They gave us more emblems but removed the Reset Token.


Following my plan again for this one, because I have basically no other choices:

  • Sabina is my only eligible healer so she comes in, despite being weak to one of the bosses and the mobs;
  • Scarlett for speed and attack debuff;
  • Li Xiu for mana cut;
  • Danzaburo as a strong color;
  • Kelile to fill out the team, the DoT will help at least

Just like previous Trials of Shadows, this one was fairly uneventful and long - attack debuffs AND dodges on both sides tend to do that. I was doing this also during a work call (yes I am terrible). Enemy Skittles as usual died first as the only non-dodger among the bosses. Then Domitia, being in the middle and getting hit by a lot of tiles (plus a few specials: Kelile’s DoT helped here!).

Poor Danza eventually died to boss attacks… then Scarlett bit it from a tile cascade. Yay!

Saving Rogue emblems for Francine. Sorcerers might go to Skittles, as I have two Sabina’s at +20 and no other 4* or 5* Sorcerers.

@TGW reminder time :wink:


I hate sorcerers, rogues and wizards. I just can’t pull those heroes. I’m lucky enough to have 5 heroes to put up a team, but i have no choice at all.

Almur +8ish - Brynhild - Domitia +c.bonus+10 - Sabina +4 - Ameonna +3

It was hard. Sabina and Ameonna are ridiculously weak, two slashes from the mobs and they needed healing. I’m so much waiting for Sabina’s costume to give her a bit more resistance. Domitia hits, but she just doesn’t hit that hard and her protection against holy was useless. Almur and Brynhild helped a lot, if only i had a third green to stack and make that green-def-down even more impactful (even though, i had such an awful board that it would have been still useless). I had to use antidotes and healing and dragons attack.

Rogue emblems to bring Brynhild to +3. Sorcerer emblems piling up for Sabina. As of now, she’s quite useless. She dies too easily.
Trainer to second BT.


The team i used

Other options i have

The battle was soft until the bosses. I use some arrows and one or two bombs to weaken the enemy. But i dont carpet bombing here.

Sorcerer emblems to Ursena who went to +14.

Rogue emblem to Francine as well as the trainer

Good gaming to all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yikes… all I have available for this one is Domitia and Marjana (not eligible if I want to complete the 4* only challenge)…

For 4*, I have a Sabina (3/60, not maxed :frowning_face:), Ammeona, Scarlett, Kelile, and a random mix of 3 stars :man_facepalming:

Been working on Skittles, but he’s just barely up to 3* level…

I might have to bow out of the 4* challenge on this one and use a couple of 5s. We’ll see…


I used Frigg+12, Domitia+1, Guardian Jackal, Scarlett, and Sabina.

Got through all 3 levels without needing any battle mats at all, for a change.

Usually I have to use a mana pot or 2 to recharge my healer even if I have a really strong team.

Emblems are banked, because I had drawn my rogue emblems down to 0 and I don’t have any sorcerers worth embleming.

Hero goes to big Rich, who is about to have his final ascension.


This trial is funny because Sabina is so squishy and is the only healer to all available for most line ups. Hopefully with the future costume incoming stats will be more solid and we will have a less squishier sabina without embleming her.
My Sabina died this time :laughing:

Anyways i will have Garnet ready soon. I think once i have her baked i will bench Sabina forever for this trial


Continuing with the 4 star only challenge. Tagging the mastermind @Muchacho :slight_smile:

I used the following team. Although it’s a good team what I did lack were cleansers, and you really need them because of the double attack debuffs from Skittles and Scarlett. But nothing that a couple of antidotes coudn’t take care of. I took Skittles along as my own attack debuffer which helped reduce the damages from mobs and bosses. Double Jackal was awesome, especially since both of them charge with only 6 tiles. Plus, Domitia gives defense against yellow, which was easily flipped by them. Costume Kasshrek was the MVP, put him in between the squishy Jackal brothers and at times they ended up with more than 2000 HP, which really helped with their survival. Good old Sabina for the normal straight heal to keep the team healthy. Had to use a couple of minor health potions on her though, when the bosses thought it would be funny to go after the deathbound lady, to which I had to say, not today. All emblems and trainer heroes hoarded for now. :slight_smile:


This trial is the most difficult to me, as I have a big lack both of sorcerer and rogue heroes. I’m ascending now Toth-Amun and Zocc so as to have one of each. Besides, I want them for my fourth 5*-hero team.

The trainer will go to Raffaelle, as he’s the healer of this team.


Was forced to use G.Jackal in place of Skittles.

Couldn’t just find the witch in the spot where she should be on my roster, totally missing and possibly because the costume version is on my defense in the tourney; but I thought the problem was resolved sometimes.

Used all equipped minor mana and a couple of minor healing pots

Rogue emblems to Inari and Sorcerer’s to Skittles., trainer would go to Tarlark since there is no immediate blue project.


4* challenge well only have 4* for it. This went bad lost sabina early on the bosses so ouch. Danza shined 3 swords and a bottle used quite alot of items all health and time stop some sml mana and green.

All emblems in storage and trainer to miki who is now finshed :muscle::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No 4* challenge for me this round, to try out Vanda. :heart_eyes: No items used.

My Team:


I always try to charge up my heroes, and set up the board before bosses.

Skittles went down first.

I set off Costume Kiril. Then Quintus finished off Dom. Look at that damage! :joy:

All heroes left alive.



My team this time:

  • Shredder Kiril +20
  • Skittleskull +18
  • Brynhild +19
  • Domitia +18
  • Marjana +2

Compared to last time, Brynhild is up four talents and Marjana is up 2.

Mob waves were fairly unremarkable. Was more liberal using specials to make it go faster. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and green and red diamonds on the board. Consequently, I was able to take out Boss Skittleskull before she fired. That meant I didn’t have to use as many bear banners to reverse attack down. I think I used two. Thankfully, Boss Scarlett didn’t evade any specials, so she went down pretty quickly also. Past that, it was pretty straightforward to take out Boss Domitia.

Rogue emblems take Marjana up a talent; sorcerer emblems saved for Almur. Trainer hero goes to Jarvur, who I’m now furiously trying to finish since Isarnia showed up yesterday.


4* challenge

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Other Options


Decent start with all mana charged.

Used 1 mana and 1 bear banner. Scarlett died attacked by Domitia twice…
This setup is great actually, but become not so great board, so I use some items to be safety.


Rogue maybe for 3rd Jackal, Sorcerer keep for now, Trainer keep later for Snow White.


No 4* or whatever challenge for me, I took a hardcore team for this one.

SGG, I need reset tokens :innocent:
Did you decrease the drops?

However no problem.
Trainer to Frank’n’Further.
Emblems in stock for now.


Only have 4 4 stars in this one, decided to bull my way through with 5s… emblems for frigg! With marjanas emblems got 1450 rogue emblems. Now those tonics…:thinking:


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