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Garnet is so awesome

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Team i could of taken

Team i took
Last time Ursena was +19

Good start to this one, the girls didnt dodge much this time

I must level Kiril costume for next time and maybe Kashhrek costume
Saving all loot, maybe Sabina goes back to +9


4 Star Challenge

Usual team

4-star team: Added Brynhild near my big attackers and “hid” Sabina in the corner.

Good start for bosses with 4 heroes powered up and some diamonds on the board

The dodging made it difficult and Sabina was fading so I dipped into my battle items.

Skittleskull went down early due to lack of dodging as much as anything else.

Finished without using too many battle items. Might have been able to keep the three on the left going without battle items or mana potions only, but I hate losing any of my heroes in a fight. LOL


Did the 4* challenge. Here is the team:

Ameonna +1 was left off for being off color. Skittleskull +1 was left off for the same reason.

Lots of glass cannons in this one. I was hoping for D boosts from Danzaburo bottles. I was also banking on Jackal’s elemental D drop would counter Domitia’s yellow D boost, which seemed to work out.

Mobs went fine. With most heroes having fast mana I could use specials pretty liberally in order to clear faster and prevent hits to my fragile heroes. I started the boss stage with multiple diamonds. I made quick work of Skittleskull before she fired. Domitia went down next after firing once. Being 5 on 1 vs boss Scarlett with all heroes at good health was somewhat an inevitably.

I used 1 mana to boost Sabina as a precaution. Used a health pot as a precaution on Sabina a different time. Used an antidote once too after a boss Scarlett special. Sabina being +20 with HP/D has made her very usable IMO. She has even gone raiding with me lately. :+1:

In the boss stage Danzaburo got 5 specials off: 2 freezes, 2 bottles, and 1 sword. Pretty even :ok_hand:. The swords was timed around a boss Scarlett special and she missed all 3 hits! :+1:

Jackal went up one, Shaman stored for a Quintus node, trainer to Elkanen (59/80).


Way to speed level Francine @Lexxtarc! Great summon too!

Cool HotMs @Silencio! Nice to see Thoth used :+1:

I hope your Skittles turns up @Oliz :crossed_fingers: Feed her on accident? I did that with Brienne once…

Congrats on Miki @Dudeious.Maximus, may your titan scores soar!

Congrats on Vanda @SamMe! Way to speed level too. I would love to see the stats on your Quintus +20 some time too. Did you go full A path?

Awesome team @Olmor

Ninja Master Mallix @Mallix :+1:

I am surprised to see how many people I’ve Jackal and also how many Jackals some people have (@jinbatsu :laughing:)

Good to see the Danzaburos getting to come out and play! :ok_hand:


I know that Thoth is one of the weakest HOTM, but he has a place in one of my teams now. :grin:

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Yup, I just have only 3,… I’m not sure the other also… curious… @Guvnor have 5 maxed I think.
And also here another member:


I have 4 maxed with a 5th at 4-1 currently


Danzaburo +12 Marjana 3.70 Scarlett+ 7 Sabina +20 and Sabina +2

Not very difficult, in the end I spent 2 Dragon attack 3 arrows, 3 axes and 2 bombs to ensur the victory.

Emblems for Sabina and Scarlett. Trainer… omg I forgot what I did.

Next trial I´ll probably swap Marjana for Mist in order to do the 4* challenge. I think a 4* 4.70 is stronger than a 3.70 5* anyway.


That is correct. :+1: Good luck! :crossed_fingers:


Thanks @Muchacho! Sure, yes I went full attack path on Costume Quintus. Btw, looks like I won’t strip Quintus of emblems for Vanda. :scream:


4* challenge

I had to use several minor mana pots to keep Sabina primed, but other than that no real issues. All emblems saved. Trainer hero to Garnet (4/8).


Thanks! I got really motivated when i pulled her :laughing:

Id love to have at least 1 of those :crazy_face: lets see what happen this guardian.


Over 900 attack is amazing! My Q is +9, but I lack the costume. Nice work. It’s awesome seeing unique heroes maxed out.

I do get why people don’t like him compared to other HotMs, but if he were a vanilla he would be viewed totally different. He is plenty feasible and I think it’s great to see another uncommon hero being used :+1:

I think from reading these write ups if you have costume, event, or other season heroes for this you were fine . If you only have the vanilla bunch it was more difficult. Shaman could very well be the worst vanilla class.

Good luck out there to those still trialing!



Thanks @Muchacho, she is on my defense at the tourney, but I’m still curious why she was totally unavailable for the trial…must be a bug…

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So, based on the comments I am reading here, I’m not going to delete this post (might be useful to someone to see what was said) but will withdraw my previous statement, and thank the powers that be that I’m not throwing away WE and battle items on what seems a really tough final challenge!

The fighter in me just wants to be able to try. Grrrr :joy:.

Well WE is free, you can always try. You’ll either be pleasantly surprised and pull it off or know where you need to get to for strength. :+1: There is no real penalty for losing and it’s your game, so if it’s fun to try, then try!

If you post your roster of eligible heroes early for the next one on Sunday I am sure people will help.


Sounds like the player has the mettle but lvl 27 is the limitation, the player needs to have attained level 30 to be able to complete the last stage of the trial.


Did you have her costumed? In costume, she’s a cleric and unavailable for this trial. At one time, if you had a costumed hero in tournament defense, you couldn’t switch them out of costume for anything until the tournament was over. I thought they fixed that, but maybe not.

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Yes, I have her costume and the cleric is in the tournament; exactly, I thought they fixed that, but apparently the issue has resurfaced.

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I have 7 jackals now. :wink:

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