🔵 [Nov 01, 2020] Trials of Nature – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge again!

Going with plan:

A 4/1 stack: Normal Tibs / normal Melendor / Gadeirus / Jack O’Hare / normal Caedmon.

Leaving out costumed Sonya, Triton and Chao as they all represent a weak color vs. one or more bosses.

normally I do 3/2 stacks at the most for quests and the world map, so going 4/1 was a bit of a change for me (I do mono in most raids and in Wars though).

mob stages went by pretty fast! dunno if it was the 4/1 stack… I also had a few lucky cascades that helped out.

Specials and a nice tile cascade murdered Chao, though not before he hit Caedmon. Decided to go for Horghall the slow next, and a Gadeiurs > Tibs > Caed > Jack combo plus a row of Green tiles knocked him out…

leaving only Brienne. she didn’t last long - another round of specials plus tiles finished her off. though that berserker special of hers did nearly kill Caedmon (over 900 damage eek!)

And what makes me also very happy, is being able to click on the “I didn’t use any items!” option in the poll :wink:

Whew, this was a nice change of pace from Trials of Decimation, where the boss slash attacks were like a 9* Titan hitting my emblemed 3*s… (I may be exaggerating for poetic license here please don’t flame me or quote me and argue over minute details, it’s Sunday and I’m so not in the headspace for that).

All emblems in the bank for now while I think. Trainer goes to my shiny new Francine :slight_smile: