Notifications for Start of War and Midpoint Flags

We get notifications for new titan, loot available, buildings finished, training finished, etc. Could we get notifications for this as well? I think that would be a good reminder for alliance members that they have flags they need to use.

When you have AW flags available to use, the Alliance icon at the bottom of the screen has a big red badge of crossed swords. So if you use your first 3 flags then this red badge goes away but it comes back at the mid point when you get your next 3 flags. It’s kind of hard to miss.

That, I know. But not everyone logs into the game multiple time a day to check on things. Some of the members only log in when they receive the other notifications. It’s just a thought; thanks for the feedback.

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oh, I see what you mean. a phone notification outside of the app. yes, that would be handy. I admittedly read your original post too fast.

This is my most needed feature. I don’t have time to login multiple times a day, and sometimes I forget about the war. If there was a war starting notification I could jump in, smash some heads to help my alliance and get on with my day.

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The wars start at a set time every week.

One of our previous players wasn’t aware of that, and when it was pointed out to her, she set her phone alarm to remind her.

After that she never missed another war.

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We do the same in our allience.
Wars are set in 12hr patterns meaning one in the morning and one at evening.

The best thing to do is ore-organise with your team mates (members) a set time or 2 where you can all be on at the same time. Take the time to set that up once and your set for all AW’s.

It’s called team work!


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