Notification: Refusal. Join an alliance

Hello everyone,

At first, I’m sorry for my English, very bad, and if the suggestion has already been posted.

So. Today, when a player applies to an Alliance but the application is rejected, he has not informed. I thinki, it’s too bad, sad. It would be great if they receive a notification for informed of the refusal.
Would not it be like saying that the “request is sent”.

Better still, the possibility of customizing the answer. It would be great.
This would explain to the players the refusal. Because they are not always connected at the time of the response, so impossible to reach them via the Chat. I do not know if this would be possible, “personalized notification”.

[EDIT] : I did not think about it at once, but just told me … A notification of banishment also would be great but only if customizable there. Because the player sees that he is no longer part of the alliance.

It breaks my heart to “reject” without being able to answer. I must not be the only one, if? :open_mouth:
It’s more of a comfort than a much needed improvement, but it would be great, that’s it.

Thank you for your attention,
WikiSquad Fr


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