Notification on gem + button

Occasionally when I’ve logged on over the last two days there has been a red 1 on the blue + radio button by the gems. If I press the button and go into the shop and come back out, the notification goes away.


This feature is a carry-over / linked to the inclusion of the new “100 gems for $0.99 (US)” Deal that is in the shop… I.e. the “Daily Gems” Deal.

Basically what the “one” is doing is notifying you that the “daily gems” deal is available for purchase. I believe it may also notify you of new offers that have been added to the “shop” but not 100% sure on that in EP (is a feature in Puzzle Combat).

Edit to add:
I BELIEVE it only apars initially and then again if you have purchased a daily deal when it’s next available (once per day)

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Just to note it doesn’t matter if you buy the offer or not, the notification will appear again on next day (it happened to me today).

Have you purchased the deal previously?

I haven’t purchased it in EP & haven’t had that notification

No, I haven’t purchased, and I got the notification yesterday and today.

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