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I have push notifications enabled, but think that the game does not tell give notifications for the most important events. Currently, the the game notifies you when: 1.) your world energy is full, 2.) a new titan spawns, 3.) titan loot is available, 4.) a building upgrade finishes, 5.) crafting finishes, 6.) your base has been raided.

I find the first four quite useful, am indifferent to the fifth, but think the sixth is useless. I honestly couldn’t care less when I’ve been raided. In addition, there are a number of other things I with the game would send me a notification for that it doesn’t. When: 1.) my alliance energy is full, 2.) my raid energy is full, 3.) a mystic vision is available, 4.) my free daily summon is available, 5.) a war or challenge event has begun.


I definitely would love for some notification changes, and I’d like to be able to select which ones I get, and have more available. I hate it when my phone buzzes and it’s a base raid… especially if I happen to have time and I go in and I won the raid, so there’s literally no reason to have gone in.

I’d vote for this :slight_smile:


Good post, I have been thinking about this myself. Actually, there also is a notification when a training finishes, and when a free daily summon is available.

What I would like to see added, is notifications when a new quest is available and when a new mystic vision is available. Although best would be a list of settings where the user could toggle an on or off for each separate notification desired.


Oh I forgot, I would very much like a notification when a new chest appears!

That’s a great idea - to add some more notifications. I would also offer notifications when your chests (monsters/heroes) are updated so you can start a new mission.

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100% agree with this. I’m so sick of the raided notifications. Almost makes me want to turn them off, they’re totally pointless. But I want the other notifications and some of these new ones sound good as well. Let the user pick and choose, that would be awesome.

How did this not get more attention?
And why didn’t anybody vote for this?
I was just about to open a similar topic.

Improving the notifications seems to be a relatively quick and easy development with great community benefit.

As was brought up by previous posters in the thread it would be great to be able to enable or disable each notification type indivudually. For example I couldn’t care less for each and every time I get raided but maybe other players do like it.

The most important additions as I see it:

  • New quest
  • New event
  • War starting
  • War energy reset
  • Raid Tournament notifications (Preparation phase begun, Battle day 1/2/3/4 begun, reward available)
  • New Monster/Raid chest
  • New Mystic Vision available


  • Alliance (titan) flag available - when we’re close to finishing a titan, I want to be able to get all my hits in
  • New Rare Quest - I don’t care about Mine Iron, but I do want to hear about Mount Umber
  • War: 1 Hour Remaining - only notified if you have >0 war flags

Also one notification when someone applies to your alliance…

a notification when someone mentions you in alliance chat would be great!

Really want War notifications and agree that raid notifications are beyond pointless.

While I agree with a good portion of these suggestions, I’d like it if the notifications were toggle-able, because if my phone jingles that often with various notifications, I will most likely throw it just so it’s far enough away that I don’t have to hear it anymore!

So much THIS @Kerridoc!!! Please SG!! This would be so helpful!!

Voted this. Really will be good to have much wider notification options and ability to shut down that stupid raid notifications. And to choose which notifications to receive

I agree with you all on this, for I am getting tired of not getting at least a war notification. For life gets busy sometimes and can’t get for that long, so I miss a war or 2 and it automatically boots me from the wars. If I had been notified I’d went in battled and then went back to whatever. I vote for this change!!

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