Notice to Old version app/Different app users

You think you’re pretty clever by not upgrading your app version so you can gain trophies and not have to worry about different app users getting revenge but know this…

Your trophy count is void. Even if you make it to be ranked #1 you will never be truly #1 because you gained it by attacking those who could not revenge.

Real winners dont hide behind old app versions

Grow some, upgrade, and then let’s see how good your team really is.

LOL, chill out…just a tad.

Lol…I am

Just letting them know

It’s not available to all yet. I don’t have access to it yet.

Ok. So it’s a SG issue…


Well…I guess they really didnt think this one thru.

You would think the great minds behind this game would address the pros and cons before updating.

Like…“Hey…what if the players from the old app raid attack a person from the new app?”…and then some other random guy replies…“I dont know…let’s try it and see!”

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This issue happens for every major update, and there’s no way to 100% avoid version mismatches until everyone has upgraded to the new version. Just be patient, and once everyone is forced to update in a few days you can raid and revenge to your heart’s content.


I shall wait patiently…as I plot

one of our team has updated + feels your pain however I haven’t cause I didn’t know. Like lexinen was saying happens all the time there is an update

Perhaps the more people that Vote here, the more likely SG will take on board:

Google and Apple stagger the release of new versions of software from their stores so everyone doesn’t end up trying to download it at once and overload their servers. Sometimes people get it quickly, like I did last night, sometimes it takes longer, in one case for me literally just a few hours before the old version support was turned off.
Not having updated is not necessarily the result of some vile plan so cunning you can put a tail on it and call it a weasel, it’s quite often just the obscure and unknowable vagaries of Google release algorithms making people wait on tenterhooks to see the latest version.

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Paulon said everything I was going to say so yup.