Nothing has made me want to quit more than


calculating how much longer it will take to get TC20.
i’m already at SH15, with iron storage units at 14 or 15 and it will still take more than 2 months of building to get there. looks like 67 days assuming i do no other building at all.
thats just… disheartening.


You’ll get there. The thing is, one must simply accept that this game is an addition, an afterthought to a day, it cannot be actively played, because the wait times and delays are huge. After SH 20 raising the training to 20 takes a long time too, about a month or so, and then 7 days to research the Legendary training.

There was a time I was pretty immersed in the game planning what to do when, but then I actually did the math and realized it makes no sense. Just live your life and treat this as a nice thing to do after a rough day or some such. Setting goals in the game and waiting for things will just lead to feeling disappointed and slow :slight_smile:

I know this might not sound very helpful, but I’ve found that the best thing you can do here is stop waiting. Focus on other things, put EP on the backburner, and the wait times will kinda stop to matter.


for the most part i don’t even really think about it. i just set something to build and move on with whoever i’m trying to train up. like you said, its on the back burner. it was just today i had the bug to see how long it would take. i didn’t even think about the time to research too. that would be about 10 weeks total. its so daunting when i think about it.
i don’t want to quit the game, but that stung a bit. lol


I was thinking exactly the same thing on the beginning, pretty much that i never reach that point in the game and quit first.

Now i have 2 Tc20 and i feel kinda silly for that, because time just fly.


I feel you. Hmm… How about make yourself a small check-list with every building upgrade on the way and cross them out one by one as they’re done? That way you’ll see a visible and much faster progress and maybe trick yourself into thinking it’s not that bad? :rofl:


I know the goal of TC20 involves so many other buildings along the way, but I look at it like this:

  1. Look at my leveled town!

  2. Look at all the other buildings I can now build because i’ve leveled the others!

  3. TC20 is the pinnacle of my game…do I really want to get there immediately and have no other goals?

I’m like Ellilea: Build, walk away, build, do something else. I find plenty of things to do in game, and after a few hours I can do them again. :slight_smile: