Nothing came out of training camp!


I just watched my training camp count down and then give me nothing… Twice. Fortunately, it was only for common training. But noticing it leaves me worried it has been happening more often and I didn’t notice and that I might get nothing from my epic training.

Edit: I only received about 11/17 that I trained.


You need to submit a support request. From in-Game:

Menu > Options > Support (Support)

EDIT: The Support Page has changed. “Announcements” button also contains FAQ and there is a Button at the bottom labeled Support for actual requests:


Thanks for the tip, Rook!


Are you sure this included no duplicates? They show only once when picking up multiple heroes, but they will be in your hero roster. Or was it a single training?


Yes, it definitely did not include duplicates.


Holy wacamole, this has happened to me twice in the last two days…I left 3 camps running overnight each with no less than 15-20. Next morning I got 4 on one, 2 on another and nothing on the 3rd. WTH ! I thought I was going crazy…I’ll be submitting a bug report. The worst part is that most of those were from skipped wait times, which means that I paid out of pocket for them…This sucks, but glad I’m not the only one…


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