[Notation] Legacy map notation and future map notation

[Notation] Legacy map notation and future map notation

==Finding a stage==

The format 2.8-7-N mirrors the order you find the stage in the game:

First map 2 then:
province 8
stage 7
difficulty N ( capital letters seem best becaus N / H is visually more distinctive than n / h )


Could be shortened to 2.8-7N or 2.8-7H. But 2.8-7-N or 2.8-7-H increases the clarity, and the dash is on the same keyboard screen as the “2.8-7” so no need to switch keyboard screens ( on the iPhone ).

I am not sure removing the dash is worth it. This requires more thought.

==Alternative format==

2N8-7 or 2H8-7 is more compact, but seems unwieldy.

I am not sure it is worth removing the “.” since the “.” takes up so little screen real estate and is the same keyboard screen on the iPhone ( maybe different on Android ). So 2.8-7 can be typed without switching screens twice, were 2N8-7 requires a switch to the alphabet keyboard and back to the numeric keyboard on the iPhone.

When referring to both Normal and Hard, “2.8-7” seems to work better than “2#8-7” or “2N/H8-7”. “2.8-7” would follow the hero convention of “4.70”.

Also “2.8-7-N” or “2.8-7N” requires only one keyboard screen switch to the alphabet keyboard screen.

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