Notation for Talent Grid Paths?

So I’ve noticed in the Fictionary that it is common practice to denote emblem usage on a hero as follows:

Would it also be useful to add some kind of shorthand notation for which branches of the talent grid are the focus for stat improvements? There’s a big difference between, for example, a defense-oriented Grimm and an attack-oriented Grimm, and it might be nice to have a way to distinguish them.

My suggestion would be to add two letters to the end, the first denoting the primary stat focus and the second letter a secondary stat focus if both branches benefit the primary. A for attack, D for defense, H for health, perhaps also B for a balanced build. In the example above, defense-oriented Grimm would be 4^70+20DH and attack-oriented Grimm would be 4^70+20AD.


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I’ve been looking at it as 6 paths

DH = Defense Health etc, DA, HD, HA, AD AH.

For some heroes each of the six options is a different outcome, however some heroes may only have 3 different outcomes, so it may not be clear cut which to display if DA and HA result in the same path.

I’m finding frequently if not majority AH and AD end up the same.

Change your path choice half way through and it gets even more difficult to designate.

I like the idea though