Not worth the investment

Why is this Atlantis portal so dishonest ?! Gem summons have a very negative rate and it is disappointing, you pay or collect hardworking gemstones and we are rewarded with ordinary and useless heroes other than food !! I don’t spend any more money on this game and I don’t recommend anyone to spend it, because the game doesn’t pay for the investment. of your customers …

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I never put any money in any mobile game.

I collected 600 atlantis coins and got one 3* hero I will not feed and one 4* hero I will not feed.
The other heros are duplicates and will be used for leveling other heos.

2 out of 6 from free coins… I think that is ok… but of course I would have loved to get a 5* hero!

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Dont call it an investment. Call it a gacha.


Not good for money in the game … I spent a monthly amount on the events but I was never rewarded, I rarely got a 4 * from the event … I already have all the regular 4 * and 5 * heroes and some 3 * so by that the events were hoping to have something different … But I give up and not spend anymore!

Odds are Odds. Simple as that

every…, i mean every…, have to say it again… EVERY atlantis, there is a new topic about somebody who recommand you to don’t spent any money on the game just because of his personal bad luck…

this is so funny… even my friend is mad… MAD ON ME! we both did a 30x… he got a second kingston and azlar… and i got Ariel and Ursena… now he is f***ing mad on me! As if i can do anything for this… lul


Did you say he got a SECOND KINGSTON?
you might wanna keep quiet about that one. :zipper_mouth_face:

yes, and he is so mad he is about to feet him away… lol

Guy on my alliance did 1 x 10 pull with Toth, Toth, Ariel, Kingston in it …

luckely he got my Toth and i got Ursena for this xP

You’re paying for pixels on the screen of a mobile phone. What exactly is the investment? It’s paying for entertainment value. If it’s not entertaining you, don’t spend. There is NO investment here.


It’s a gambling video game on your phone, you’re literally paying for digital magick cards. DUH