Not updated and still being attacked?

Hi there

I know that different versions are not able to attack eachother.
Since last night I have a forced update that I cannot install due to lack of space on my phone. But since the notice received I must update to be able to play again (that is now 13 hours old) i have been attacked over a dozen times…
Somehow this feels a bit ‘wonky’ and not right.
Only reason I can imagine this can happen because others are not forced to update yet. This will probably be the case but it doesn’t feel okay at all.
Any got another idea why this is happening?

Now that I am ‘complaining’ here already, how come the updates for this game always require a lot more space than all other apps I am using (also including games)?
Is this because of bad coding that is getting too big?
Some other reason?

And finally, can some dev please check the power consumption of this game?
My phone gets as hot as during loading the battery.
The result is that battery drainage is hughe when you have the game open. It is really absurd. If you are a day away from any option to charge your phone, you really have to limit your time in game to make sure you can still use your phone after noon…

Cheers and happy titan hunting!

I guess some versions are compatible. When they make hero adjustments or add new heroes it’s not, but I don’t recall such change in last update. It’s just minor update with some fixes.

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