Not to complain but

I’ve been playing this game for three years and I’m slowly playing less and less and losing interest because I am unable to get the ascension items I need despite spending tons of money. Also I haven’t had more than a 3* hero in months. The percentages are just impossible and not worth the time spent. Not to mention in three years I have never received a 4* green troop. Not once.

Your account is cursed.

I played for less than that amount of time yet I have in my inventory ascension mats more than enough to max 1 blue, 2 green, almost 5 red, 3 yellow and 4 purple legendary heroes, but only limited with 9 damascus blades and 8 times of tactic hoarded. With that length of time you have played, especially since you have already spent a significant sum of money in the game already, maybe you have ascended a lot of heroes that are barely used by reason that they don’t provide good synergy with your other heroes or that there are other better heroes in your roster.

Yeah. You really have some bad luck. I have several posts here in the forum showing 5* heroes pulled using free coins, tokens, and keys.

Really? Took you 3 years to notice that? I am blown away. Really. And yet, you have 5* heroes, I assume. And a lot of players have those prized heroes on their offense and defense. You see them everyday from the leader boards. Either they are very lucky or that they have far deeper pockets.

Man, I have never spent gems on the troops portals and yet I have most of the epic troops, except the blue and yellow ninja troops. I only use epic troop tokens to get those. I plan to get 5 mana troop, 2 crit troop and at least 1 ninja troop for each element. Currently with 20 ETTs, can’t wait again for the Ninja event portal to snag what I still miss: 5th red mana troop, 1st yellow ninja troop and 1st blue ninja troop.

I feel sad for you, buddy. My suggestion is either to spend less, hoard keys, tokens, coins and ascension materials until the right portal and prized hero comes. Play with your heroes (not necessarily all 5* heroes) and find a good synergy with them.

Or, create an alt account and hope it is a lucky one.

Your choice.

Just my crappy idea :grin::grin::grin:

EDIT: And if the time comes you are not really enjoying the game anymore, make a last ditch effort by immortalizing your mark here: Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI].

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