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has anyone else noticed a delay after kill shot only really saw it or paid attention to it during raids i’d make the final hit then the game would sort of pause then victory but noticed it more on this event i made kill strike at 49.1 seconds there was a pause then victory popped up and read 1 min 1sec happened several times sorry in advance if this is answered elsewhere

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No I’ve not experienced that, but I have the opposite problem to you.

I can tell if I’ve won a raid even before the final tiles have hit as there will be a pause, flash and the enemies’ mana bar will disappear momentarily… Even if the tiles are still cascading and the enemies are far from dead


i’d have like that problem if it cuts time down

Yes, i have the same problem as well in raids, maps, events, you name it.

Immediately before the killing strike, the game pause for a second like it should calculate something.

This happen to me for some time now.


Same as Elpis. That’s my key to know if I won or not.


Never payed much thought to it, but I’ve noticed it almost every time. The kill shot is preceded by a brief pause, almost like it’s lag. But it’s just for a split second, I don’t see it influencing the outcome of event placement…

I get a slight delay but the 12sec you got here in the event is excessive. This will have a big effect on your overall scores.

The thing that irks me is in war, when they kill me but still heal AFTER I am dead


They get to complete their whole turn, not just the part of it that kills you. It’s why fleeing is sometimes the right strategy.


I’ve seen this too, but in a different way. You know how you can tap and hold on an enemy, and it will show you atk/def/hp, etc? Well, if you make a move then immediately tap and hold on the enemy, it will show you their eventual HP at the end of the turn, regardless of the cascades happening.


Usually when I win a raid (or war battle), my game freezes up briefly before the final shot connects. If I’m in a war and my girlfriend is watching the battle, she sees my victory before I do (and vice versa). This used to irritate me, but I’ve come to associate game lag with victory. I now celebrate every time my game freezes. :grinning:

If you kill with tiles, it stops immediately (and in event you don’t get credit for the additional tiles). But if you kill and there’s no move on the board it will take the time to shuffle.

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