Not sure what to do next?

I do not have the materials to level my 4*. I can level Grimm and 1 red 4* just not sure who I would level. Should I forget the 4* and concentrate on my 3*?

Definitely ascend Grimm and Boldtusk out of the 2 red 4*s you have at 3/60.

You may want another green 3* for color stacking in rare challenge events and 3* tournaments, since you only have Berden. If you’re missing the ascension materials for Kashhrek, then I would level Belith for now, so you have a healer for those events.


Great, thank you for the advice

Red: Boldtusk, Gormek, Colen
Ascend BT, bring other to 3.60

Blue: Grimm, Kiril, Sonya, Boril
Ascend Grimm, bring other to 3.60

Green: Kashshrek, LJ, Skittleskull
Bring all to 3.60, decide later.

Purple: Rigard, Sabina, Tiburtus, Gafar, Cyprian
Ascend Rigard, bring other to 3.60, decide later on.

Yellow: Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Hu Tao
Ascend Wu, bring other to 3.60, decide later on.
Wait you have Ranvir, I think you better leveling Ranvir. You can bring Wu 3.60 (also good for war and Trial quest), then start leveling Ranvir.
But it depend on your Titan alliance, if around 5-9 star I think Wu is good enough.


Who should I have on my Defense team for wars. I can also level a purple 4* should I work on Rigard or level Tibs or Gafar? Sorry for all the questions

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Sorry just reread your post I will ascend Rigard. Thank you

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I agree with what @jinbatsu suggest.
The only possible change i would do is Gafar right after Rigard. Seeing you already have Melendor maxed and BT will be too, a cleric sniper will be useful during class trial and against titan.
This pushes Tiburtus as the last to get to 3/60. You already have Chao as a ranger and Grimm as a RP.
As for your defense, once everyone lvled, something like
Rigard/Melendor - Grimm - BT - Chao - Kelile/Sonya/Caedmon
If you decide to max Li Xiu, place her instead of Chao on your defense
Great roster by the way. Lots of work to do :grin:


Wait… you have caedmon…
So, for green:
Caedmon, Kashshrek, LJ, Skittleskull
Ascend Caedmon, bring other to 3.60, decide later on.


Should I level Hansel before Cademon

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I personally like Hansel more than Caedmon, but given you’ve already maxed out Chao as a mana controller, and lack a sniper-dispeller, I’d go Caedmon first. Hansel is awesome though

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@Doklh, yes if you already get Hansel from grimm forest summon, Hansel 1st then Caedmon.

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