Not sure if this qualifies as a bug but


I haven’t seen an Elemental Mission (kill 150 of a colour) since August. People say they appear once every two weeks. Am I on the Blocked Players list or something?


They don’t appear every two weeks as a rule. They are random. Completely wanted missions as much as possible for more chances.


Not having one for over 3 months does sound a bit odd though doesn’t it orchsve others had dry spells lasting that long??


Does seem odd, but others have posted long dry spells as well


Maybe the frequency at which you complete your wanted missions has something to do with it.

May I ask how often do you complete one?

Ofc, the more you complete, the more likely you are going to get one.

For me, I complete at least 4 wanted missions a day and I found one rare elemental mission in the past 2 weeks.

If you complete 2 wanted missions a day, (heroes + monsters; half of what i complete), then it is possible for you to get one elemental mission in more than a month, based on probabilities.

But 3 months witthout the elemental mission, is indeed on the high side. You might be rather unlucky. But it still boils down to how many do you complete every day.


I complete the wanted missions as rapidly as I can - when I get one it’s usually full in less than 24 hours. Then there’s a 12 hour reset time, and I fill it again.
I do not fill the Raid missions as rapidly because (1) I hate Raids, and (2) I have really poor luck with raids. If I kill one of their heroes before my team is obliterated, that’s a good day. It still counts as 1 of the 40. So it might take me 4 days to fill a raid mission.
(My team has a 3000+ strength - Sonya, Scarlett, Melendor, Domitia, Li Xiu - but I still lose 9 raids out of ten even against teams as low as 2400. The Raid program hates me.)


Wait - you said you complete 4 missions a day? There’s a 12 hour reset time, how do you manage that?


Lets say you complete at 0600 AM (monsters), you complete the next at 1815 PM (monsters) thats 2 completed on the same day for monsters. (accounting for 15 mins to do the map matches)

Lets say you complete at 0600 AM (heroes/raid), you complete the next at 2000 PM (heroes/raid, thats 2 completed on the same day for heroes. (12 hours cooldown + 2 hours for raid energy refill).

Now you add them up, it’s 4 per day, not including titan wanted mission.


Sorry I missed your earlier reply. I didn’t expect a double reply. (I also have a reply on top of this cause i missed your earlier reply)

My recommendation would be trophy dropping to help complete your raid wanted mission more easily.

Thats #1.

Next is, even if you feel you are going to lose a raid, try as hard to kill as many heroes as you can. Those enemy heroes that you killed, even if you lost, it will count towards your raid wanted mission.

If you have 3000 team power, its not possible to lose with the reroll function + trophy dropping. You can easily win if you drop your trophy to below 800. Those teams there only have around 2000~2400 team power.


I complete at least 4 chests a day too. You can speed them up with diamonds. So, in the morning I fill a monster chest (in 15 minutes or so), when my energy is full again, I speed it up and do another and after dinner I speed it up again. I do 1 or 2 raid chests, depends on how they are going.
You can only speed up so many chests in a row, so I let them reset over night, so I can start fresh next day. I always do 4 this way, sometimes 5. Except during events or a rare quest. I do only 3 to 4 then.


That seems to me a very long time, and if you do fill your wanted monster chest like all the others, than it’s a bug problem or a raid problem.

If you really neglect raids, try to fill the raids chest as much as you can for some times.
If elemental chest spawn, thats a good info for all of us.


I’ve been playing around 3 1/2 to 4 months now, and I’ve only had one of those missions!!


May I add to your title to help other folk find it: “(Elemental Wanted Chests are rare!)”