Not sure if this has been suggested

But i think it would be really cool if they added a token system for ascension could be similar to the hero summons only with ascension items!!

That would surely work and bring a new element to rewards offerings. NICE


Not compatible with SG business model. Its a great idea but it will never happend.

Maybe if enough people ask about it they will see reason!! i don’t see why they wouldn’t want to explore the idea,with the amount of people who are frustrated with ascension items this would not only give more chances at the items but it would bring ALOT more revenue for the company.I really hope they do something along the lines of an ascension item summons i would throw some money at this if they did it!!

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I heard that one of the new things being tested in beta right now is an ascension material chest that you can open after a certain number of summons. I don’t know a lot about it since I’m not a beta tester, but it sounds a bit like your suggestion.


I also mentioned it as a suggestion to create more revenue, while providing us with the opportunity to get more ascension materials. Basically, you don’t really ‘‘need’’ new heroes when you’re lacking ascension materials. I can see myself shifting to ascension material summons in this situation. Therefore it fits perfectly inside their businessmodel. It is another gamble system, so the offer packages with guaranteed ascension materials will still be attractive to payers.

Let’s wait and experience what Season 2 brings us exactly concerning this ascension materials chest as @lexinen already explained.