Not sure how to arrange my teams for best results

Him and welcome to the forums. There’s a huge repository of information, insights, tips and tricks here.

You have the makings of a solid bench here. No hero is very good, though, until you’ve leveled and ascended them. Keep your training camp busy running at level 2, 11, 4 or 1 to generate 1* and 2* “feeders” to level up your heroes.

I strongly urge you to use matched-color training—give red feeders to good red heroes, blue to blue, etc. There’s a 20% experience bonus for matched-color training, which speeds things along nicely.

My standing advice is to build up a solid base of 3* heroes, then build out good 4*. Defer 5* until you have at least two 4* of each color maxed—5* are very expensive to feed. With a solid core team of quality 3* and 4*, you will be able,to finish all the content and collect more rare ascension mats that you need to max 5*.

3*: I’d finish Brienne, who has a great buff, and Hawkmoon, to give you a 3* healer to help finish rare events. I’d also build Kailani, who is helpful in some situations, like the final battle of season 1.

4*: Rigard, Chao, Kiril, Gadeirus and Wilbur should be your next heroes to ascend, but finish the current ascension level on those you’ve already moved up (e.g. Frida and Skittles).

5*: hold up until your bench is deeper, except bringing Frida to 3/70.

Thank u very much I’m fairly new to the game and have trouble getting good titan scores I’ve finished level one and I’m on level 19 1 in season 2 but can’t move on so i thought I’d ask for some advice thanks again

Wilbur will help a lot with titan scores, eventually. But as Kerridoc advised concentrate on your 3* heroes first. They will be quick to max and will give you a good base to build on to get what you need to level your 4*.

Finish the 3* you have almost done, then max up Hawkmoon as a healer. Nashgar and Melia are also useful 3*. Aim for at least 3 full teams, then start on the 4* heroes.

Do you fight (or plan to fight) wars? If so work towards having 30 heroes for that. You can work on a mix of 3* and 4*.

I see Frida is 3rd tier, which is a bit early for a 5* without a base of 3* and 4*. Leave 5*'s alone for now until you have that base in place. They take a long time to max, time better used to level up 3-4 lower heroes that will help you quicker. I know this from bitter experience. You will not get her maxed that much slower if you wait to finish her because of the extra resources you will have available later. Same with Miki.