Not sure how this happened

Within the past 2+ hrs I logged into the game and up popped 2 different players who had Raided me 6 hrs apart. When I looked at their ATK teams, both players have the same exact Heroes with the same stats. I don’t know about Troops though. Each player is at different player lvls. Each player is in a different Alliance. I don’t know if one account is a main and the other is an alt. If not, then I experienced whatever the statistical chances are of 2 players using the exact same Heroes with the exact same stats for each Hero. I made a short video of what I’m talking about and I would like to know where I can post it or I might’ve to send it to Support in an email.

and your problem is?
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Even if its a main Acc and an alt the chances of pulling the exact same heroes on both are kinda minuscule unless we are talking about a whale with OCD or S1 heroes only. The heroes have fixed stats so if you max them they will always have the same if you allocate emblems the same way so no surprise there unless they are not maxed but lets say +14 then its kinda rare. I dont know what playing level you are at but im in a top 100 alliance and in wars we have encountered alliances who had the exact same defense team multiple times on the field and because they were all maxed they had identical stats.

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If that’s the case even when a player has copies of a Hero, which I do, and goes the same path in the Talent Grid, one copy will be different than another player having the same Hero. A copy of a Hero who’s Grid I’m working on, gives a different amount of each spot of the same path I did with the other same Hero.

Same hero - same path - same stats

Do you have a picture of your heroes with different stats but same path?


It’s not a problem per se. It’s just that apparently it’s the first time I’m encountering this is all.

Hold on, I’ll login into the game. brb

Here 2 gullis.
Same path, same stats…

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Here are two Helos i have. As you can see, what I’ve highlighted at the same spots, each Helo is given 2 different increase at the same spot in the Grid.

One is limit broken, the other not. And limit breaking changes the stats so of course they are not the same.
If you limit break the other one too it will be the same again.

Here is my gulli not limit broken

The percentage health gives 41 hp.

Up here in the video both are limit broken and give each 45 hp.

If I limit break the one, he would also get 45 hp.

So if 2 heroes are exactly the same, the stats are identical.

Of course you can find a lot of different versions. If the hero is not fully leveled, not limit broken, not full with emblems or on a different path the stats won’t be the same.


Okay, thank you for the info. On a different note, I just found out here, there has to a minimum of 20 characters. :smirk:

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