Not spending any more money on this game

I’ve spent more money than I like to admit and every time I’m extremely disappointed in the results of my purchase and this time even more than normal…if I buy an event pack x10 it should have at least one event card. I bought two of the x10 and a bunch of single ones and not only did I not get an event card but I got a bunch of useless 3*s.
I really want this month’s pull and with as much money as I have put in I feel like I should be granted this much as I have bought packs and haven’t gotten a monthly in about 6 months…
Send me a kitty from either event or monthly and I’ll continue to make frivolous purchases in the future otherwise this will be my last transaction in this or any game developed by small giants.


Did you think this is a Pay to Win game? it´s not.

You don’t buy HEROES, you buy SUMMONS, and chances for regular 5*, HOTM and Event Heroes are realy, really low.

The only way to not be frustrated is not to expect much.

I don’t do 10x summons any more, last time I did a holy elemental summon and the only useful hero I got was Wu Kong 2x (I did get Aegir, but he is of not much use, arguably worst HOTM ever).

Still, game is much fun.


You see those loot boxes in more games, make you exciting in maybe getting one of those special tools or in this case heroes. This is just another One of those gambling games. More and more countries are already have start forbidden these in game gambling practices (loot boxes). It’s to protect children spending to much money on these kind of gamblers games, what I think it’s a good thing.
So don’t spend but login once a week do you attacks and maybe get a fancy hero true training camp if you want to play more …play another game alongside this one :slight_smile:

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Exactly. This kind of design is meant to be like how slots are in casino’s (especially online) where it makes you think “oh the next one” and “oh ok the next one”. And plays on your mind to make you think “oh ok I had 10 unlucky goes so my luck will turn to good soon, it just has to, it’s in the odds”…


@notyou87 I learned my lesson with Mass Effect 3 lol. That is why with this game I would even only consider getting the Atlantis deal (400 gems and 25 coins) and the yearly vip. In my eyes, those are the only deals worth getting.