Not reciving 4* hero



this afternoon I trained the 4* hero LiXiu, finally after many disappointing tries at elite training. Afterwards I collected from another training some minor heros. However when I went to my hero page the golden 4* hero wasn’t there. Really bad after so many successless tries. Please check and help. It might help, that I noticed that the chat didn’t work short after receiving the hero. Also starting the app again didn’t help.



To Providence you with time Details: I tried to collect the hero at approx. 12:40 afternoon western European time. I run the game on an android device. Version 1.8.1 build 418 there ist no newer version for me available


You say you trained several heroes after LiXiu? Are you sure you didn’t feed her away?

(You can lock any hero by clicking Heroes, select the hero, and click Favorite in the upper left corner above the card; white is locked).


I am sure. I did not level up heros afterwards, I just collected them from another training camp. I could find here right after collecting the other heros when I opened my hero list to train her.


That sounds like a glitch then. Please contact Game Support for help:


Thanks for your help. I just collected the next hero from elite training from that camp. Now both heros are in my list. The new one and xiliu. I’ll report it anyway. Have a nice weekend