Not recieving more than 3 Alliance war flags

I have been playing for quite awhile now and when I log in it says I’m still a level 7. According to what I can find you need to be a level 12 to get more than 3 alliance war flags. What must I do to increase my level to gain additional war flags ? (I only get 3 where it says my max is 6. I am closing in at level 33 xp currently)

When war starts we all get 3 war flags, after the 12 hrs mark we get another additional 3. Is this what you are referring to?

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You can’t war at all till you are level 12

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I only get 3 even after resets

Let’s Clarify: like Twist and PirateKing said, you cannot join wars at all until you don’t reach lavel 12.
All battlers in a war starts with only 3 flags attack. After 12h from the start of the war another 3 flags attack will be added (for a total of 6).

EDIT: War reset does not count. Neither count if you level up. There are 6 attacks in total for every player (no more no less). But the 4th, 5th and 6th attack are available ONLY when the first 12h elapsed.

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I can participate in wars. I am almost level 33 in xp. When I log in, the system welcomes me and states that I am a level 7. I do not get additional flags at war reset. I want to know why I am not getting my extra 3 flags

You get 3 more flags when 12 hours has passed since the beginning of war, not when the board resets.

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When you log on the Level 7 you see is your level in Google Play Games (assuming Android here). That is separate from this game. You need level 12 in XP in-game to take part, which you have.

When you start Alliance War you get 3 flags. When 12 hours have passed you get 3 additional flags. That is independent of resets. This is how it is from the beginning at level 12. Did you only get 3 flags all this time through 21 levels?

If you are not getting the additional 3 flags then that is a game support issue and you need to open a support ticket and send them screenshots of the issue.

Thank You for some straight info. I have been in wars for quite some time and I am a level 32 ( all but 33) And no one could give me a straight answer ! I do appreciate your time in responding to my problem and I hope you have a wonderful day !


Can you share a screenshot of your war screen? :slight_smile:

No, war is over now but thanks for asking !

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If you are actually SURE that the second set of three flags were not added after 12h than report your issue at developers using the application button like nevarmaor remarked.

War is over but it can still be seen.

First of all, you need to explain, what is “reset”?

How many times you attack opponents in this war?

Closing as this is now a duplicate - person made a new post in bugs.

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