Not recieving credit for War

War is going on. Our team basically wiped out the whole team… the wiped out team is “WINNING”. Our teams are showing full energy…

Can you help me understand what you think the bug is? It looks like they’ve reset you once and are killing your teams for a second time. A reset is worth about 1500 points, so 1769 is about right for a reset plus a couple of additional kills when each side has 9.


A reset is when all of the bases on one side are wiped out (completely destroyed). Once it happen, all of the destroyed bases will be revived and can be attacked without further waiting time.

What your alliance experienced is all of your bases have been destroyed. The enemy successfuly reset your bases. Your bases were all revived thus in display, it seems as if you have more standing bases while in fact all of them have been destroyed at least once.

From the last two pictures, I can conclude that your opponents have destroyed 13 bases (Chip Chipson & SanBen have been destroyed twice) while your team only destroyed 9.


Basically what @yelnats_24 means is “All your base are belong to us” :joy::rofl:

Sorry, just could NOT resist

Edit: I really hope someone knows what I’m talking about?

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And yes your alliance was reset when all the teams were beat.

Thanks @KLinMayhem, start sweating it. I don’t want to be the only slightly aged player here :wink:

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@PapaHeavy Wow…and to think he just did you a favor :laughing:


@Garanwyn, I worded that as gently as possible?? :joy::joy:

I didn’t even mention the 2 bucks I owe Jesus?


Haha it’s all good. Am old

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@KLinMayhem, we aren’t old. We are like fine wine, aged to perfection :wink:

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