Not receiving rewards

I am not receiving the items in my chests, any idea on resolving this?

Respect, for a couple of days, I can not get a reward on a chest for Titan. The number on the chest is 4/5 for a few days. Please solve this problem. Thank you

Your Titan chest must be 5/5 before you can collect your rewards. At 4/5, it is only 4/5ths full. :slight_smile:

yes I know that but after three days I didnt get points on chest evry day stay 4/5 on chest for titan reward (Im fight titan every day)

It’s not enough to fight it.

You need to kill it.


Huh ok aliance and me kill titans every day but three days in a row I didnt receiwed points for that and three days on titan chest I see 4/5

Yeah, that must be a bug. I guess you better contact support: